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2018-12-02 09:21:00 (UTC)

A peculiar day. Woke up at ..

A peculiar day. Woke up at about 9:30 this morning. Brewed coffee. Gave S. a flea bath in my bathroom tub. Saw a flea on her hind leg after the bath. Squeezed the flea between my fingers and a speck of blood oozed out. Went to B. park to walk S. for I knew that my parents were going to attend a wedding for the day. Called mother. On the phone, she asked for my help on something. "What's it about?" I asked, to which she replied that she could not disclose it on the phone, but rather in person, which sent my curiosity in smithereens. My parents got home while I was about to put on my Fenty foundation. Curious, I asked mother what it was that she needed help with. As it turns out, she was chatting with someone on Facebook messenger, and this someone was to give her a thirty thousand dollar check. This someone was suppose to meet my mother in person. Initially I felt skeptic. "It's too good to be true," I told her. "I'd rather you say positive things like, 'I hope it's true...etc. etc." I asked her if she had given any personal information. She said just her name and our address. I remained doubtful nevertheless. In a moment, mother and father were out on an errand. I finished grooming. Wore Adidas sweatpants and sweatshirt, and drove to the park. Sun out. White puffy clouds. Blue sky. Yogists at the park laying on their backs, unmoving. People about. Mothers with children. People with their dogs. About five cop cars right by the park restroom area. Scattered homeless people with their backpacks, bicycles and tents. Fancied how strings of bad choices could lead one there. There was a little girl bicycling. Her mother, on her feet, lagged behind. Called E. on the phone, who was about to jump in the shower; he said. He would call me back; he said. Ended up going to his house. L. barked at the front door. E. looking older. He had a funny gait owing to his bad hip. He is to go to Mexico on the 5th to have his cataract removed. He is languid. He plumped down on the floor yesterday, crying; he told me. C. ditched him. They were suppose to meet up. Him taking a Viagra only led to more jaw pain. I stayed for about ten minutes. Perhaps I am deceiving myself believing that our friendship, despite us being exes, is rewarding. In his absence I imagine things differently. But when I come over his place, when I see him in person, I am rather bogged down by his presence, and all at once as if I could not wait to be out of it. A fountain of troubles, he is exhaustive. And so I left him looking dismally.
I arrived at our apartment, and my parents were eating lunch. I ate lunch with them, but mother was done. She stood up and left the table just as I was sitting down. I got ready for work and they got ready for the wedding.
Arrived at work twenty minutes early. I rolled down the window and read The Rape of the Lock on IBook on my Iphone. But a bee went inside my car, which sent squirming like a little girl at one point. Saw A.'s car in the parking lot and walked towards her car. There was a van selling scrubs. L.E. was there too. We all bought ourselves scrubs. I bought a pair. A. bought two. Met S. when A. and I were walking towards our station. He warned us about L.V., who had been acting crazy; he said. L.V. a complete lunatic indeed; incoherent; could not keep a decent, reasonable conversation. V.H. called the cops on her, for a 5150 evaluation, when the paramedics were unable to place her on a gurney. Cops said that they could not take her because she was not exhibiting violent behaviors. I suppose one can mutter and scream word salad without any consequence as long as one does not hurt anybody. L.V.'s madness unnerving; meddled with everyone's work. They were going to pull out one nurse to another station. I thought twice about volunteering but, in the end, A.P. went. This meant that there were only three of us nurses on the floor. M.F. refused to work on a cart, and V.H. wrote her up. C.P.'s first day back after a long vacation from the Philippines. Other co-workers hugged her, but I only greeted her. I had a new admission, who was transferred to another station at the end of my shift. Perhaps either they wanted us to do some extra work, or they were testing me...but I could only speculate. Mr. H.'s death as if forgotten. Ms. F. did not get cleaned because S.A. called in sick, though we saw in her Instagram page a picture in which she was with M.G. partying it up in T. I stayed overtime at work, until midnight. Walked S., as usual upon coming home.............