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The Life Of "Mars".
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2018-12-02 01:11:11 (UTC)


Sunday December 2nd

Life has been alright since my last entry, it hasn't been particularly glamorous or anything since my last entry but I wouldn't exactly say things have been terrible either.

I don't think my mom has been wetting the walls recently, and if she has I haven't noticed because I asked her to at least dry it. So that's okay. I'll still occasionally hear her talking to herself but it hasn't really been bothering me too much to be honest. I think it'll only upset me if she starts saying some really dark stuff.

Ian randomly brought me Black Ops 4 the other day out of the blue. It was really nice of him considering it was $95 dollars. Especially when I didn't even say I wanted it or even considered playing it.

The guy who translates Re Zero is back to translating so that's good.

I talked with Shane a little breifly recently as well. I saw his car got stolen and burnt up which sucks.

I'm now rep 50 on For Honor. I've been playing it a lot with Jay recently.

I've played the online beta for Red Dead Redemption 2 as well. Me and William went around hog tying people and stabbing them which was pretty funny.

I watched an anime on Netflix called Castlevania and I really enjoyed it. I want to watch an anime called Neon Genesis Evangelion but I can't seem to load it on any website on my Ps4, and trying to watch it on my phone is too much of a pain. The laptop is being repairded right now but I think it'll be fixed around Monday. When I get the laptop back I'll try and watch it.

I just got done bindge watching an anime on Netflix called Erased. I really liked it for the most part. The plot, the characters, the seriousness in how it tackled and handled certain topics, the humor, but I wasn't too big of a fan of the ending.

It wasn't particularly bad or anything, but it wasn't really what I hoped for. Basically the main character Satoru went back in time to save three different classmates, as well as inadvertently his mother. It mostly focuses on one girl called Kayo, who lives in an abusive household and becomes the target of a serial killer who targets children. Satoru, ends up being back in the body of his former ten year old self while still maintaining his mental age of 29 years old. Initially, he only tries to get close to Kayo in an effort to save her, but through this the two begin to share a bond.

I'll admit, part of it is weird in a way with these two slowly forming a bond that can be seen as affectionate. Satoru even realizes this himself, given that mentally he's an adult at this point in the past. However the small moments wholesome moments shared between Satoru and Kayo to me seem kind of special and nice. And the moments where he becomes so sick and angry with Kayo's mother for abusing her that he was genuinely about to attempt to kill her, before being stopped.

Basically, the ending has Satoru wind up in a fifteen year old coma. During this time Kayo ends up marrying one of the kids in their friend group. I can't even remember his name but cmon dude. I mean, in the present day they're the same age and all so I don't think it'd even be considered weird for them to be an item. I guess from a realistic standpoint most people would of moved on from a relationship they had with someone when they were a kid after one of them were in a fifteen year coma but to honestly cuck my man like that wasn't cool. Satoru seemed fine with it and even happy but still I can't help but feel a bit unhappy about it all.

At the end, it hints at him being together with some girl whose name I forget who showed up around the start and again halfway through. See I might of been fine with it if the two had actually spent a lot more time being close together but they didn't. Worse yet, she's seventeen and he's twenty nine. Like, cmon bro. How are you going to throw the Satoru x Kayo ship out and give me that? Ahhh man. I really don't like that. Honestly, if it wasn't for that one thing I'd say it would of been one of my favorites.