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2018-11-28 23:52:03 (UTC)

Woke up about 7am this ..

Woke up about 7am this morning. We never drew the hotel curtains and the room was brightly lit by then. Mother turned up like a chatterbox upon waking up. She talked, moved about, exercising, and shuffling here and there like a wound up toy. I admire her vitality at— how old is she?— seventy four? Father is the opposite. He always seemed to be smothered and subjugated by mother’s joviality. She tease him a lot, laugh at him a lot. Father seems submissive to it all and the world notices it. It has become the trademark of their marriage, I suppose.
A woman, perhaps the cleaning lady, knocked on our hotel door around nine, wondering if, or when were we going to check out. “In thirty minutes,” I told her. So we did. While waiting for our car, parked in valet, mother wanted to take pictures. She seems to always be wanting to take pictures. She wants to have a camera of her own; she said, so she could develop pictures.
We drove to S.B. where mother works as a live-in caregiver. I needed to use the bathroom so badly, so we stopped by at Dollar Tree. Father ended up buying canned tuna, sardines and salmon for us and for Sally the dog. I grabbed a bag of classic Lay’s, nacho cheese Doritos and a watermelon flavored gum.
We dropped off mother at her patient’s, whom mother despises; I think. “My purgatory,” she mentioned once, referring to her work. We parted without saying goodbye. Aunt M. wanted to be dropped off to W.C., and so we did. Saw Aunt V. and V. when we got to rental house. They put up a Christmas tree; I saw, and complimented Aunt V. When I went to use the bathroom, at first I thought the light was broken for it wouldn’t turn on. It turns out their electricity was turned off, which sent me and my dad speculating about them as soon as we left the house.
It was a good thing that father remembered that mother had my car and house keys with her. So to S.B. again. Mother didn’t answer her phone. Turned out she was dozing when we got there to pick up the keys.
E.V. texted, saying that he couldn’t get over my twinky pictures.
Father and I are about to reach home, only about two miles now. I write here using my IPhone.
Dinner with E.L. and M. tonight. And to pick up S. at E.L.’s