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2018-11-28 08:20:47 (UTC)

I was reading my last entry ..

I was reading my last entry and I had a feeling how life is funny when I think about its flowing on. It carries me forth, pushes me through the stream it. Always, as long as I have the gift of life, I carry on with it.

Anyhow, I had the day off today and tomorrow. (It seems as if I don’t do anything but work.) Yet today I find myself here in a hotel room in Pechanga in Temecula. I woke up at 9:30 this morning, thinking that my parents and I had to pick up M. in Mira Mesa, but she changed her mind. She decided to drive by herself. Then I messaged J. and decided to meet at Wilson Creek winery at noon. I took my time grooming myself and packing my things with the extra hour I had. I elected to drive to Temecula despite my mom’s objections and fear of my driving fast. Surely, I drive fast on the highway, about 80mph, or a little over it, and at times a little erratic. This time, we encountered a miserable twerp on freeway, who became so mentally and emotionally disturbed when I had to changed lane from the expressway to the one right next to it. The miserable idiot even willed to cut in front of us and turn on to clean his windshield so that it would splatter on us too. For him to go through such efforts and lengths, for him to be so affected by my driving, when I felt nothing...what a pathetic existence he must have.

Anyway...so my parents just got to the hotel room and my ears are loomed by their talks and voices that I cannot concentrate here. I can account my meeting up with my nursing school friends whom I haven’t seen in years at a winery in a later entry...