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The Life Of "Mars".
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2018-11-22 08:36:03 (UTC)

11-22-2018 (2)

Thursday November 22nd

Everytime my mom gets angry and motions to attack me I can't help but feel this intense anger inside of me. I don't mean her just being annoyed at me, I mean when she literally gets up and goes to hit me. That's when I get angry. I haven't done anything with my anger. I haven't hit the wall or threatened her or anything. The most I've done is slam the door but I'm nearing my God damn limit of how much I can fucking take.

If this was a few years back I probably would of cried or been scared. Probably both, maybe I might of even tried to hit her in self defense before she could do anything like some sort of coward. But now, all I can do is turn around and walk off before I do something I really regret. The intense amount of hatred and anger I feel is really bad. Like I don't feel this type of way when I'm just annoyed. It's pure rage. Wrath. Fury. I know the day she actually does hit me is the day I'm going to flip, but so far she's restrained herself or she knows better. That fucking bitch better not lay a hand on me ever again.