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The Life Of "Mars".
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2018-11-21 13:03:17 (UTC)


Thursday November 22nd

I really really like the second intro for Re Zero, I've probably watched in a hundred times by now. The guy who is translating the web novel has so far been putting out about 2-3 entries a week.

I'm almost finished with The Seven Deadly Sins anime, in fact I'll probably finish it tonight after this entry. Ian told me the manga goes on for awhile after the anime so I'll read that since I want something else to read anyway.

I'm glad I stuck with trying to learn Shaolin because I was honestly considering ditching him with how annoying I found having to hold down R1/R2 to enter his Qui Stance. But I've got that down now. All I've gotta learn now really is some of the fient attacks I can do from his Qui Stance n I'll be golden.

Ian's now officially working full time as a chef at his work. Well, he doesn't cook anything yet but now instead he cuts up the food that they cook. So it's a promotion from washing dishes I guess. I'm happy for him.

He also brought us fish and chips for dinner so that was cool as well. He's a really good friend and I'm lucky to have him.