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The Life Of "Mars".
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2018-11-19 04:06:12 (UTC)


Monday November 19th

It's 5pm right now and it's hailing. It's really nice actually, especially since it's been so hot recently.

The volume six for Konosuba arrived today, except I guess my mom ordered the wrong one because it's for the manga and not the light novel. No biggy though I'm still happy. I'll still read it and all.

I got my Shugoki up to rep ten and honestly I don't know if I'll ever want to play him again after how unfun that whole experience was. He's really strong in terms of how much damage he can do the only problem is he has barely an moves and the moves he does have are fairly easy to read, even when you try your damnest to mix them up.

While we and Ian were playing last night someone from the enemy team invited me to a party. I joined thinking I was either going to have my IP taken and be booted offline or that he was gonna call me a fag, or something. Instead he was just tryna invite everyone in the lobby because he wanted to do a Shugoki 4v4. It was funny because we managed to get most of the people in there and they were laughing saying, "Oh shit yeah, my Shugoki is almost rep three." And then I told them mine was rep ten and all I heard was a worried sounding "Oh..." We never ended up doing it tho, everyone got kicked from the lobby and no one seemed to think to just make a custom game so everybody just said goodbye and left the party.

I brought Shaolin and I can use him but a lot of his moveset requires him to use his Qui Stance. The problem is it's a pain for me because you've gotta hold down either R1 or R2 after a move in order to enter it. I dunno, I'm going to try and practice with him a bit more. I mean I sucked with Nobushi at first but now I'd say I'm pretty good with her so we'll see what happens. I played Valkirye yesterday too. She's really good to play as now that I don't suck at the game and can learn combos fairly easy.

I'm probably gonna go back to playing For Honor soon since I've had a break for a few hours.