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The Life Of "Mars".
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2018-11-14 11:04:26 (UTC)


Wednesday November 14th

I finally went ahead and got my bank situation sorted out, so now I've officially got my own bank account which is cool I guess. In December I'm supposed to go to some meeting about setting up a future benefit and some learning career so that'll be cool I guess.

I don't know what type of courses are available, preferably I'd like to get something that I have at least some sort of interest in. Otherwise I'd find it really hard to pay attention and to be motivated. Dunno if they've got one is psychology but if they do that'd be the one for me.

I got my Nobushi up to rep 10 now and I've got her looking exactly how I want her to, so there's that. Now I'm saying up for the Shaolin Monk hero. In the meantime I want to learn a new Viking hero, since I don't play any of the Vikings. I tried Berserker and I don't really like him that much. I tried Shaman and I don't know her moveset very well but I feel if I practiced a bit I could probably use her. I really wanna try Warlord, but I mostly play 4v4 gamemodes and he's not all that great when he gets out numbered.

I'm watching a new anime right now called 7 Deadly Sins. It basically follows a group of powerful ass people who all are named after different sins. Wrath, Greed, Envy, Sloth. Those are the ones that have shown up so far. I dunno I already like the concept of the seven deadly sins from Christianity so this is all pretty cool to me.

I've been playing Red Dead a fair bit too. I'm still pretty early on though, since I have a habit of getting side tracked with side activities and missions. Oh and I downloaded Fallout 76 off of Williams account. It's still downloading but it should be done when I wake up tomorrow hopefully.

It's James birthday today as well. I forget how old he is now but he's either 23 or 24 now. Crazy that I knew him when I was twelve.

Eric is pretty sick. I'm kind of worried about him since he said he was coughing up blood and the doctors weren't entirely sure what was wrong with him. He said it was because his area is really run down so it's prone to disease. I hope he's okay.

I got curious to check out how CP was doing. I don't know if I ever wrote this down in one of my entries but he was one of my old online buddies with James back when I was twelve/thirteen years old. When I knew him he was divorced fighting for custody over his kid. We all fell out of contact with each other for awhile, me and James met back up but we never saw Cp again. The last I saw of him was him always being depressingly drunk on the mic. He had also recently quit his job as a chef. I think losing his wife, the custody over his kid and his boss giving him a hard time at work and him then struggling to find a job took a toll on him.

Awhile back me and James were talking about him and I decided to message him on Facebook since I knew what his was. He left me on read for about ten days before replying. Basically he had been out of prison and rehab. We talked for a bit and he seemed a little different but I kind of expected him to be since it had been years since we last talked. But he started saying stuff about him having split personalites now. I can't remember exactly what he said but he said something about it being a girl who was a demon who wanted control. Yeah. And he almost started hitting on me, asking if I was into trans people and then sending me photos of him cross dressing. When I saw the photos of him in thigh highs I didn't respond.

It was kind of, I don't know how to explain it. I expected him to be different, but not so drastically. He told me he was on some heavy drugs and James reckons it was probably Meth. God fucking damnit bro. Why? Back then us three were really tight. Me him James Chels and Weezy. But mostly me him and James. God damnit.

I got curious for whatever reason and searched him up on Facebook. Turns out he's homeless now. Fucking homeless. My old buddy, homeless. It's really, really fucking tragic. And as much as I'd like to reach out again and try and see what's up, him hitting on me like that even if he wasn't in the right mindset really creeped me out. God fucking damnit man. Of all the people I've known online over the years it had to be him to fall off the deep end. Shit the guy was kind, funny and handsome but now he's just in a horribly dark place. I hope he gets the help he needs, that he deserves.

Thinking about my old friend has kind of made me depressed so I'm going to sleep now.