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The Life Of "Mars".
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2018-11-07 14:52:42 (UTC)


Thursday November 8th

It's almost 4AM and my mood has been ruined, if only at least for the time being.

I've spent the last few hours reading being totally submerged in it, and it's been really nice. So to suddenly hear a bunch of loud ass noises at 3AM really pisses me off.

So I went out to see what it was and of fucking course it's my mom deciding to impulsively clean at an ungodly hour of the fucking night. I've asked her so many damn times to not be loud during the night. She shouldn't even be awake right now why the fuck can I not get away from her?

I asked if she could please just go back to sleep because the loud banging and slamming of doors was really irking me the wrong way, and she went to go hit me before turning around and walking off.

I controlled my temper fairly well but whenever I get physically threatened it genuinely pisses me off. So I told her to fucking try it and see what happens. She said that she wasn't trying to threaten me but that's bullshit. She asked me what right I had to ask her to go to sleep. Sure you could say I don't but if she's not asleep at 3AM she's just being fucking loud. I'm reading. I'm being dead silent I don't understand why it's so hard for her to be quiet at 3AM.

So I told her straight up, and I might of gone a bit overboard with saying that I found her annoying since I was pretty angry by this point but I told her, "I'm staying up this late to get away from you. You're annoying. All these loud noises that you make piss me off." And then I walked away before she could say anything.

I don't think I'm being unfair. I'd think I was being unfair if I was telling her not to do stuff during the day but at 3AM when I want some peace and fucking quiet I don't think that's too hard to ask for.

I don't want her to spoil the rest of my mood, so I'm going to go back to reading. But I swear if I hear anymore loud ass bangs n shit like that I'm going to lose my temper.