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The Life Of "Mars".
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2018-11-06 20:22:21 (UTC)


Wednesday November 7th

I ended up falling asleep before we ever went to the bank, so thus far we haven't gone. There's no major rush to do it anyway.

I'm having an appointment scheduled to get a benefit soon, ideally it'd be one where I actually have to do something. Like a course, for example.

I'm about five hundred steel off getting that outfit I want on For Honor for Nobushi, so tomorrow when I wake up I should be able to get it.

I played the introduction for Red Dead Redemption 2 and I did enjoy it, I probably would of enjoyed it more if I was paying attention to the cutscenes but I was in a party with two of my online buddies.

I did a lot more reading tonight and covered a lot. I would of kept reading actually if it wasn't for how tired I am right now. I stopped reading when I realized I wasn't fully taking in what was being said as we as I would of if I was actually properly awake.

To keep it all in my memory I wanna breifly go over what happened from where I left off.

The beginning of this loop was going well for Subaru. He uncovered a lot more information regarding Sanctuary and managed to get the upperhand on Garfield, something he previously didn't have. Partnered with this he share a brief, but heart warming moment with Emilia at the start of the loop when he started to cry after failing in all the other previous attempts of this loop.

Subaru arrived at the mansion early and talked with Beatrice. With this he learned a lot about her as well, and the two became closer as a result, as did his resolve to protect her.

Beatrice, Petra and Fredrica ended up being killed by Elsa. This is still a mystery as to how she keeps showing up because she keeps showing up at different days at different attempts in this loop. For whatever reason, this time around she spares Rem and Subaru.

Subaru goes and buries Fredrica and Petra in the village. Only to find that there isn't anyone in the village anymore, just weird blob pieces of flesh. He can't bury Beatrice because she practically disappeared when she died, because she's a spirit.

Subaru and Rem head towards Sanctuary, only to be halted by an ungodly change in the weather. It was a freezing snowstorm.

When he gets to Sanctuary Garfiel takes Rem hostage from Subaru, and tells Subaru to go inside the Tomb to get Emilia, who has been in there ever since the blizzard started, since he figures she is the cause for all this.

Subaru goes inside the Tomb where he meets Emilia who is awake and not taking the trials. She is extremely happy to see Subaru and confesses her love for him. The problem with this is it's because her mind has broken in a sense. Her repeatedly having to face the trials, having Puck nowhere to be found and now having Subaru randomly leave her to go to the mansion with him only leaving her a note, broke her sanity. While Emilia definitely cares for Subaru, and you could argue that she does love him or at least have those type of feelings for him, her confession wasn't sane. And Subaru realized this as well, so he quickly left.

Him and Garfiel talk and Subaru comes to the conclusion that it's Roswal casting this blizzard on Sanctuary.

Him and Garfiel then confront Roswal about it, only for Garfiel to then try and attack Roswal only to be stopped by Ram. Roswal, taking advantage of this Roswal killed Garfiel and Ram with one punch going through the both of them.

Roswal reveals to Subaru that he's somewhat aware of his ability to "rewind time" as be put it. He knows Subaru can somehow reverse things, but he doesn't know it happens as a result of his death. Roswal pretty much commits suicide by allowing the Great Rabbit to kill him, since Roswal felt that his existence in this world didn't matter and that the Roswal in the world that Subaru would reverse to would be a different one, so his death wouldn't matter.

Subaru after being on the run through Sanctuary from the Great Rabbit, wishes to die by Emilias side. Even if her love for him in this loop isn't sane and what'd you'd call real love, he still wishes to die feeling that way.

Subaru goes to the Tomb and Emilia acts if nothing strange has happened to Subaru. This is despite him now losing fingers and being all torn up. This Emilia looked completely past his injuries and only focused on loving him. In a way where she wasn't concerned about his injuries. It wasn't a nice kind of love, is what I'm trying to say. She was blindly loving him. Moments before his death, she kissed Subaru on the lips. This was his first kiss.

Upon re-entering the loop again, Subaru felt sick and pondered on things for awhile. Then continued with the loop how it normally had progressed.

Subaru went to the Tomb to talk to Echidna the Witch of Greed. He ends up accidentally taking the second trial, where he was forced to see what the possible outcomes of the aftermath of his death entailed.
It wasn't good, he basically had to feel a bunch of guilt and he began to wonder if he had truly saved anyone at all, and if when he died that everyone who he still cared about still existed in these different universes. Personally, I'd like to think this isn't the case. Echidna later says that she genuinely doesn't know.

Him and Echidna talk and the two almost make a contract before it's stopped by the other witches. A bunch of stuff happens and Subaru realizes that this entire time she had mostly been faking their friendly relationship to lure him into a sense of comfort, and that she didn't understand emotion all that well, if at all.

Where I left off is the Witch of Envy has now shown up, but the other witches aren't very hostile to her, and they're saying that the Witch of Envy, and Satella, the Witch of Envys names are two different entities. And it turns out that the Witch who showed up was Satella. That's where I'm at now.

My phone's at 6% battery, it's 10AM so Ian's gone off to work since he had training hella early this morning and my mom's gone grocery shopping. I might add more of what I've read in future entries to as a recap in my head so I don't forget. I'm loving Re Zero right now and I'm still in the beginning parts I believe.