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The Life Of "Mars".
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2018-11-01 10:44:12 (UTC)

Spooky Scary Skeletons

Thursday November 1st

I never actually ended up doing anything special for Halloween. It's my favorite time of year but I don't think I've ever actually done anything for it. It doesn't bother me or anything though, but I would like to randomly dress up as something for a joke sometime during Halloween.

The silver chain bracklet I ordered arrived yesterday, and with that I found out the ring I got does fit. Kind of. For some reason it won't fit on my right hand but it'll fit on my left. Not a huge deal really but yeah.

I've got another ring a size bigger being ordered, along with another half mask. Oh yeah, my mom ordered me volume one of the Konosuba light novel. I've already re read the translations online for it but they're not official. Plus there's something about a physical copy of a book that I really like. Also, if you think about it more people buying the official translations is sort of like further encouragement to keep producing them, y'know.

I didn't do a whole lot today either, but something of note is that Ian spontaneously decided to get a tattoo. I mean, I can't say it was completely out of the blue because I remember ages ago him saying he wanted one, but he hasn't talked about wanting one for weeks, so to wake up and find out he had gotten one was weird. His tattoo is cool though. It's some cross thing from Full Metal Alchemist. An anime I've never seen before. I've heard about it though.

I actually want to get some tattoos later on. I'm not entirely sure what I'd get though. Getting a sleeve done would be pretty cool but I reckon it'd be kind of painful. I could probably bare it though. I thought about getting the name Mars tattood somewhere might be cool. I also thought that if, or rather when Jimi and Trouble die, well I'd like to get their names somewhere on my body. I wouldn't want anything fancy or a big thing saying rest in peace. I'd just want their names.

Since yesterday was Halloween I figure it might be a better time then any to go over some creepy events I've had in my life. It's sort of hard for me to remember exactly what I've put down in these entries so I might accidentally go over some things I've already said, but oh well.

I'm not particularly a religious person, but I'm not really an atheist either. I'm agnostic you could say. I don't really believe in anything too strongly but I don't really disbelieve in anything too strongly either. "Who knows really?" Is kind of my approach to these things. A lot of paranormal type stories and events I usually try and think about logically, and I do think that a lot of these events can be explained away with logic, nevertheless there are things I've had that are pretty creepy in my eyes.

The first one I had when I was little. Maybe four or five years old. You could say that this might of just been the result of an over active child imagination, but when I was young I had a set of recurring dreams in the house I was staying in. Once we moved I never had them again.

It was about this bald guy, I can't really remember his face all that well, and while I wasn't exactly afraid of him there was a certain edge in the air around him. Like, something was off. I guess you could say. Anyway he showed up in a few different dreams. The one I can remember best was where I was in some big bathtub, or pool or something, and he had turned on the faucet and started laughing while I was in it. I know I had that same dream quite a few times.

I remember abother two instances when I was young. I must of been around eight and ten. One was when I was in the kitchen very late at night and a carton of milk that was against the back of the wall on the table flew off as soon as I turned my back. Another one was when I saw a cat that wasn't Trouble or Tig in the mirror in my room. When I turned around there wasn't a cat. That one isn't really creepy, just weird.

For quite a few years I don't think I had any paranormal type events ever happen to me. Any nightmares I had only scared me to a certain degree. As much as any normal nightmare would ya know. And they were usually pretty normal, typically me being chased by some monster or even a few zombie type dreams where I was trying to escape a horde of running zombies.

That is, until I moved into this new house. We've been here for almost three years. I know now that the two previous owners, the old lady who lived here before us, and the old man who lived here for her, both died here in this house. From old age or other natural caused I imagine. I don't know what room they died in either, but my room is the biggest in the house so I don't know if it's too much of a stretch to imagine one of them stayed in mine.

The first year was fine and I don't think there were any incidents that I can recall. No bumps in the night. No horrifying nightmares. No apparitions. Nothing like that.

Last year I did have some, events. Kind of. First of all I'd randomly be plauged by random feelings of dread and fear during the night. More specifically around the hours of 1-4AM. It'd get so bad that I couldn't feel even a little comfortable unless I went to the sleep with some sort of video on YouTube playing in the background. I haven't felt afraid of the dark in years and I've managed to sleep in total darkness totally fine for years. But when I had these feelings of dread I couldn't sleep without some type of white noise and ever so dim light to illuminate my room.

I remember one instance where late at night around 12AM my room became completely bright. It was blinding and for about a second I couldn't see anything except total white. Then it disappeared as about as fast as it happened. Nothing like that has happened since.

I remember occasionally last year I'd have these creepy dreams where I felt a similar, although less profound feeling of dread. In them I was stuck inside a loop of waking up, only to find out that I wasn't awake. I remember I tried to scream. It was either out of fear or I was trying to wake up but not once did I ever end up waking up that way. I remember there was this one dream I had where I had failed to wake up multiple times and in the darkness of my room in that dream I put my hands against the black screen of my TV and I saw my reflection in the TV become contorted and disturbed as we both screamed back at each other. It was really, fucking, creepy.

I remember there has been instances where I swear to God I have heard indistinguishable whispering and breathing. Not once have I been able to make out a word they've said and not once has anything they've said sounded familiar. I should add that this always takes place late at night when I've tried to sleep, and it's happened rarely. I've actually considered the possibility of myself going crazy. Y'know, with my mom being a Skizofrenic and all. That is, until Ian moved in.

Without me ever mentioning any of this to Ian, I remember one day him bringing it up saying, "Hey, something pretty creepy has been happening occasionally." I'd respond with a, "Oh yeah what's up?"
And then he'd go on to tell me that late at night he'd sometimes hear faint whispering. And even breathing, which I've also heard as well. This is despite us both saying we've intentionally held our breath to see if it was our breathing or not. And oh boy oh boy, it wasn't.

This isn't a frequent thing or anything, matter of fact it's something that has only happened a few times. But it's creepiness to me at least cannot be overstated.

There was another incident last year which to me was especially freaky. I remember having some dream where it was already creepy. Not dreadful creepy or anything. Just, creepy. And then I was overcome with this sudden and overwhelming feeling of well, dread. Hopelessness. Fear? Those kinds of feelings. I saw some weird creature that looked somewhat half beast half person although I can hardly recall what they looked like now. I remember asking what their name was, and with a booming voice they said (and I'll likely fuck up the spelling) "My name is Azuful." Or something along those lines. Even now remembering the exact name is hard. I know it certainly started with something like "Azu" though.

I remember that I kept on thinking about that dream, more specifically that name over and over in my head like a broken record until I finally decided to Google the name and guess what? It was supposed to be some name of a demon in Christianity. Again I can't remember the exact name and if we're honest I'm not even sure I want to, but man, I was kind of freaked out. Not enough that I lost sleep over it but it definitely had me weirded out.

I don't think I had any creepy events for quite awhile after that. However this year, well, again I didn't have many either. Except now random sounds of scratching would come about in my room. It would always be to my left. Always. But I can't never tell if it's coming from below me, above me or to the side of me in the wall. I've attributed it to rats, or some type of other critter. It's weird though, sometimes it'll happen one night a week, three nights a week or sometimes I'll hear nothing for weeks on end. But whenever I do hear it it'll always and I mean always happen late at night. Never before eleven PM. Never during the day or anything like that. It's weird. It's bad because Ian's heard the same things as well except it seems to happen right where he sleeps.

I've had the same type of dread filled dreams, although they're just as rare as the ones I had last year. I know the difference between a normal nightmare and what a "dread" dream are. Since a normal nightmare will yknow, make me feel anxious and a bit scared but it'll never be anything that bothersome. A dread dream to me is horrible though and they freak me out. I don't get scared easily but the amount of dread I feel in these dreams when nothing even that scary is happening is horrible. I feel downright scared, anxious and I want to run but I'm frozen. They're terrible. I had one recently just the other day actually. Unlike past dreams I was able to wake up from this one but it genuinely felt like a fucking fight to wake up, as weird as that might sound. And I don't think the dream was that scary. I heard a man's voice saying that "She wants you..." And I saw some woman with facial features I can't even recall as hard as I try. But she scared the living hell out of me and I don't know why. It was daytime when I woke up, but I still felt exhausted. I kept myself awake for about five minutes as to avoid the dream again, and then I fell asleep again with no problems.

There's one more incident I'll mention. I was sitting down playing some game on my PS4 by myself and I remember just feeling like somebody was staring at me. So I turned and saw from outside my window an old man was staring at me from outside. See from where I sit pretty much anyone can see me through the window when I get up to play on my PS4. It doesn't bother me but anyway, I get up and I see this old guy who must of been 70-80 years old dressed in old attire and wearing what looked like a fedora. We made eye contact for awhile and he pointed at me. I was honestly kind of creeped out so after staring for a few more seconds I chose to ignore him and turned around to sit back down. I could still feel his gaze for what felt like a good ten seconds, and I could even see him from the corner of my eyes. He was still standing there, looking at me. And then when I looked again he was gone.

At first I thought this had to of been my neighbor, since this person was on his property after all. He was on the edge of it basically touching the short fence that separates our houses, but he was on his property not ours. This made sense at first, I mean as bad as it might sound I had never actually seen what our neighbor looked like. I might of maybe seen him in the distance once or twice but never long enough for me to make out his face or even his real body type. All I knew was that he was an old guy, so it made sense. It was still weird but at least it made a bit of sense, yeah?

That is until I actually saw my neighbor. I wouldn't say I was scared more just utterly confused. Sure they were old but that is all they had in common. They dressed differently. Their faces were different and so were their bodies. The man I saw wasn't fat or slim and had such broad shoulders that it also made him appear somewhat short. The neighbor on the otherhand was of average height with no real muscle or fat about him. This only kind of made me think when I later found out the previous owner before the old lady, was an old man who had died.

Anyway I'll end it off here.