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The Life Of "Mars".
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2018-10-30 14:31:15 (UTC)

God's Blessings On This Wonderful World

Wednesday October 31st

Kono Subarashii (God's Blessings On This Wonderful World) or just Konosuba for short, is one of my all-time favorite series both as an anime and as a light novel.

The series is set in a fantasy type world with swords, bows dragons and magic. Stuff you'd find in movies, or much more accurately some sort of RPG type game.

The main protagonist is a sixteen year old boy from Japan named Kazuma Satou, who was described as a shut in with no real life friends. He is transported to a different universe after he died a rather embarrassing death.

He is transported to this world by a goddess named Aqua, who is the goddess of water. This is because this world has been ravaged with an ongoing war with the Demon King, and because of it many of the residents of that world now choose not to be reincarnated there.

This world, being a fantasy type world also is very video game like, with residents literally having different classes they can choose from depending on their abilities. For example, an archer, a priestess or a mage. Some classes are supposed to be stronger then others, such as a mage will typically not be stronger then an archwizard. Stuff like that. The weakest class, the adventurer class is the one Kazuma has. This is because Kazuma, besides having unusually high luck and above average intelligence, is described as having low stats in everything else.

The adventurer class allows Kazuma to use every skill that other classes can use, however they're a lot weaker in comparison. This has often led to people looking down on Kazuma for his weak class, however later on he has shown time and time again that through the use of combing different skills together he can become quite strong.

In this world skills are simply learnt by having somebody show it to you.

The story progresses with Kazuma forming his own party that consists of him and three other girls. Aqua, Darkness and Megumin.

In the beginning their bond with each other isn't very close and hardly stretches beyond just being party members. That's not to say they didn't get along as friends or anything, but they weren't particularly close.

Aqua, despite being a goddess is repeatedly shown to act like a spoiled brat who whines and complains. Oh yeah, I should mention that nobody believes she is a goddess apart from Kazuma, since yknow, she was the one who sent him to this world. Otherwise he probably wouldn't of. She has the class of a high priestess.

Megumin is the crazy strong one of the group, able to one shot kill almost anything with her explosion magic. The problem with this is she's only able to use it once and then collapses from exhaustion. She also refuses to learn anything other then explosion magic, and acts rather impulsively.

Darkness, real name Lalatina, is the daughter of the esteemed Dustiness noble family, that is said to be the royal family's shield. She is a crusader with almost impenetrable defenses and suberb strength. She'd seem like she would be the strongest and most reliable in the party, if it wasn't for the fact she can't never land a single attack in battle. Furthermore, while Aqua and Megumin have their flaws, Darkness has her own as well. She's a really, really big masochist. To the point where she takes it too far and has endangered the party on countless occasions to fuel her own desires by fighting strong enemies so she can be hurt. She's also my favorite character.

There's also Yunyun and Wiz. Yunyun and Wiz are both very kind hearted souls, but being the series that this is they obviously have their own flaws as well.

Yunyun makes the average shy person seem like an extrovert with her repeated failure to make friends for most of her childhood. She's extremely shy and feels awkward talking to people who are who friends because sometimes she's not entirely sure if they actually want to see her or if they're just being nice to spare her feelings.

Wiz who was once a renowned and respected wizard, became an undead lich after sacrificing her humanity in order to save her friends from being killed. She's shown to probably be one of the most kind hearted people in the series, however of course she has a flaw as well. Absolutely terrible business sense. To the point where she's almost always in some type of debt with the store that she runs.

There's other characters too, like Vanir, Dust, Iris hell even Megumin's cat Chomuske. But I won't really go into detail with them.

Anyway the story progresses with the characters eventually becoming quite close with one another to the point where they all do genuinely care for one another, despite how they sometimes may act.

Kazuma, despite having the weakest class manages to defeat multiple different generals in the Demon King army along with his party. This causes him to become quite rich and even somewhat famous throughout the land. His parties reputation grows so much that they are eventually recgonized by royalty, the being the princess Iris.

Different volumes have slowly revealed more about the members of Kazuma's party, well besides from Aqua really. But the new volume coming out is supposed to I believe. Anyway.

It's shown that the reason why Megumin is so enthralled with mastering explosion magic is beside when her life was in danger when she was a young child she was saved by a mage who used it. This mage later turned out to be a leader in the Demon King's army, and Megumin had to kill her. It's shown that her family was really poor growing up, mostly due to her father only being able to make magic items that were pretty much useless.

Not a whole lot is revealed with Kazuma from what I can remember, besides from that he used to play a lot of video games and that he was good at them. Even though his parents payed for him to go to an expensive school he'd sneak back home when his parents left for work to play games. He's a virgin and for awhile he never had his first kiss. He also never had a girlfriend.

Darkness is shown to be a few things, and I've heard the argument that this makes her a bad character, but personally I think that her character is fine as she is.

Because of her being a noble she was restricted from going outside the property for most of her childhood, and because of this she never had any real friends besides one of the butlers who she'd mess with for fun. In Volume 7 she is almost forced to marry another corrupt noble named Alderp, who had been lusting after Darkness ever since she was young. What happened was due to something Aqua did, and with Darkness's father being the governor of the town, her family had to handle a large majority of the debt, unbeknownst to the rest of the party. During this time, thanks to a curse that Alderp had set on Darkness's father, he grew sickly and was unable to repay the money her family owed to Alderp. Being how she is, Darkness viewed it has her responsibility as a noble to take the fall herself rather then ask for money to pay of the debt. Actually if I remember right they wouldn't of even been able to afford it at the time, since it was something like 500 million Eris (the world's currency). So, Darkness and Alderps marriage had been arranged and she had to leave the party.

Darkness initially pushed her party members away, trying to handle the situation herself. It was pretty clear that she was sad about it because she had drunk herself to sleep the night before. Anyway, stuff happens. Kazuma and her almost have sex.

I won't go into a lot of detail with anything else but to me she's awesome. Despite her being way too into masochism, she has constantly shown herself to be a kind individual who thinks of those around her, even if she doesn't know them.

I remember I felt pretty sad in Volume 12 when she confessed to Kazuma about how she feels, and that even though she likes Megumin and that they're friends she can't stand the thought of her taking him away from her. (I forgot to mention it, but Kazuma and Megumin have sort of an unofficial relationship. "More then friends, but less then lovers" as she describes it.) Anyway she gets all sad and says she just wants things to stay like this forever. Them getting into trouble and still somehow coming out on top. Being friends and stuff. I remember Megumin said something similar in Volume 5. "It'd be great if everybody could stay together like this forever" or something along those lines. Kazuma has even said the same thing himself.

I know that with how tired I've gotten over the course of writing this entry it's become less and less structured and formal, but I really love this series.

It's based on a web novel that got finished awhile ago. I don't know how it ends and it's technically not canon and the characters are supposed to be kind of different so I don't want to read it, but I know the light novel besides from adding different things here and there has been mostly following the web novel. With that said I reckon there's only so many volumes left. I don't know how many but I think we're over the halfway point. By how much I don't know.

I've never been one for harem type shows or anything like that. But honestly I'd make a damn exception for Konosuba if Kazuma ended up with Darkness and Megumin. Because I truly want em to be happy, they all do have feelings for each other. I've left out Aqua here because her and Kazuma are pretty much like brother and sister in my eyes. But yeah. Hell I reckon I'd be content if they all just stayed as one group never having some official relationship with one another but yknow, like still having feelings for each other. I'd accept that too. In the end I just want these damn fictional characters I care about to be happy.

Anyways that's all I guess.