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The Life Of "Mars".
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2018-10-29 18:11:36 (UTC)


Tuesday October 30th

Joji came out with his new album recently, and my favorite song by far has gotta be "WANTED U". I can't really explain it too well but I really like it. The lyrics, the sound, the vibe. It's all very nice.

I also recently found out a song I like is actually a remix of a really old song. The old song is "Put Your Head On My Shoulder" by Paul Anka. Yeah I had no idea the song I liked was a remix of this one, but now that I've heard it I prefer the original by far.

I've got my Nobushi up to rep four on For Honor now. I can probably have her repped up into another day or two depending on what kind of contracts they release. Once I get her up to rep five I'm thinking on trying to learn Warlord, or at least some other Viking character. Since I've got Peacekeeper who is my main in the Knights, Shugoki and Nobushi who are in the Samurai, I feel I should have at least one Viking character.

I know I said this in my last entry but oh my lordy I'm loving Re Zero right now. Earlier I ended up reading a whole bunch for about two hours straight. My hand actually kinda hurts a bit from holding my phone up for that long. Where I'm at right now Subaru just spoke with the different witches, and I think he just got the hidden hand ability that the priest of Sloth had. I'm at around chapter ten on Arc 4 so I've still got a long way to go.

Actually, I'm pretty sure the rest of the dub for the Re Zero anime is supposed to come out tonight from what I've heard, and tonight me and Ian are going in to buy snacks and alcohol so if that's the case tonight is gonna be one happy night.

My mom woke up in a pretty good mood. Actually when I woke up yesterday she's been in a good mood. So that's good. I actually sat down and talked with her for quite awhile this morning about a lot of different things. She told me about how her and her brothers used to play with some of the neighborhood kids with a tarp and a hose and stuff like that.

I started going over a lot of different things that I could breifly remember from when I was younger. The kids I used to play with in the neighborhood. Going off down the road to buy coffee for my mom despite not actually knowing what money was. Me liking Yu-Gi-Yo and Pokemon cards. A bunch of different stuff. It was nice to go over.