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The Life Of "Mars".
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2018-10-28 14:06:40 (UTC)


Monday October 29th

That streak of my mom not annoying me kind of ended today. While she initially was in a good mood when she woke up, I started to lose my cool with her after she repeatedly kept waking me up. This was despite me asking her multiple times. I felt like yelling at her and I think if I remember right I raised my voice the second to last time I got woken up, but I didn't actually yell or anything.

I'm not sure if it's true but I think in the first stage of sleep it's when you're waken up the easiest, and that makes sense to me considering that the slightest noise woke me up. Well I dunno. The sound of stuff moving and banging around is kinda loud so maybe it's not too much to say that I get woken up by it.

She was annoying the hell out of me just before too. Despite us getting along pretty well I like my space so I've still been staying up late and trying to go to bed early in the morning, but now for some damn reason she's up at the same time as me at 3AM trying to clean and shit. It's really annoying because staying up at night used to be like, my get away. My time for my damn peace and quiet and now I have to hear her doing this shit. And no matter how many times I've asked her fucking stop she never does, even if she says she will. I don't like being lied to either so that kind of just rub salt into the wound.

If a streak of three or four days of her not annoying me compared to me being annoyed at her for what feels like weeks on end then the idea of actually moving out next year is sounding a whole lot better. I don't see why it's so fucking hard for her to just give me my space and alone time. I don't want to hear random bumps and shit in the dead of night. Hell I don't even do anything loud at night. I'm usually either watching TV, browsing shit on my phone or reading. So there's no real excuse at all.

Speaking of reading, I'm still reading Re Zero and I'm loving it. After I'm done with this entry I'll go and read some more of it.

Me and Ian went and brought some fish n chips for dinner. While we walked down to pick up our food we saw Ian's aunty and another guy who knows Ian.

After we picked up our food we quickly brought some drinks at the store next to the fish n chips place. Two kids who I used to know work there now, although I never knew them well enough to say hi after not seeing them for a good few years. One was a kid who Ian knew and they talked a little about something I wasn't paying attention to, and the girl was someone who I never really knew at all, but I knew her friends if that makes sense. She looked real pretty.

Me, Ian and William then played For Honor for awhile after I ate my food and we ran into a group of players on the enemy team who we got along with and it was the funniest shit ever. It started with me spam emoting the same enemy character on the opposite team while we were fighting, which then lead me to do it with another one, which led William to do it with one of them. By the end of it me, Ian and William were all spam emoting with the enemy players while the random on our team kept getting killed by the enemy players. One of them then sent us a invite to their party and we all started joking around laughing saying shit like "BRROOOTTTHHEEEERRRR IS THAT YOU?" shit was mad funny. I ended up adding three of them. I dunno if I'll ever actually play with them again, who knows, if I don't I'll probably eventually delete them but for now I'll keep em.

Anyway that's all