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The Life Of "Mars".
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2018-10-26 14:19:23 (UTC)


Friday October 26th

My mood has been pretty good recently, actually it's the best I've felt in awhile. My mom hasn't really succumb to any of her usual Skizofrenic delusions, I've been getting more then enough sleep and I've been getting along really well with my friends. Not that we ever don't get along or anything. I'm just feeling grateful is all.

My red PS4 controller arrived yesterday and it looks pretty cool. I've always wanted a red controller. Dunno why but I have.

Netflix added a bunch of stuff that I actually want to watch, including The Land Before Time. A kid show I used to really like when I was little. A lot of the stuff they added has been horror focused since y'know, Halloween and all. It's sorta cool to realize that until I was maybe eleven twelve years old I was afraid of the dark. So I wouldn't of imagined that now I can watch horrors alone in the dark at 2AM.

Brandi said she'd buy me Red Dead Redemption 2, I was fine with the idea and very grateful until I saw how much more expensive it was where I live compared to where she is. For her the standard edition costs $70, for us it's $110. I said if she really wants to she should just buy it on her own account and I can download it off there, that way if her disc breaks she has a backup as well. I'm very grateful she even considered it.

Speaking of RD2, a lot of the people in the online community that I used to be in are all hyped for it. It came out last night and a good chunk of my friends list are playing it. I never played the first one, but from the two videos I've seen the game does look really cool so I wouldn't mind playing it.

Getting involved with the community again, well I'm very hesitant. While I met a handful of great people, such as James, William, Brandi and Eric, as well as others who I'm not as close with but still like, I was exposed to a lot of toxicity. I consider myself to be one of the most skilled players in the small community that only consisted of maybe slightly less then a thousand people. I beat pretty much everyone I came across. I had people I had never heard of who knew about me. Hell from what some people I got along with have told me my name got brought up in different parties. Shit me just being there in a lobby would have people leave. I no lifed the hell out of that game and had more playtime experience then even a lot of dedicated players, so it was only natural I was good. Sorry that I don't sound very humble there.

Anyhow, with all that infamy around me it's led to me being booted offline multiple times to where two of my routers have literally died on me. I've had random people come after me trying to start beef for whatever reason. I've had my IP posted in different group chats for other boots to boot me. I'm not sure if my IP was dynamic either so yeah. Hell I've even had attempts to dox me. I grew up in that community. I was there for almost five years. And honestly, I don't know if I want to get involved with those types of people again.

I've got my online friend group. William, Jay, Eric, Brandi, James, Lane. Ian too since he plays with them as well. I'm content with my friends, I don't really feel any need to socialize with other people who are probably toxic.

Anyway, what else is new? Ian's probably going to buy some turtles. Youjo Senki has a movie coming out. The Konosuba movie is confirmed to air sometime next year. I still haven't seen the My Hero Academia movie yet. It's not on KissAnime yet and I don't know where to find it. I haven't seen the Re Zero OVA yet either. Oh yeah! The rest of the dub for Re Zero is supposed to come out soon I think.

I'm reading the web novel for Re Zero right now too. You could say it's technically not canon since it's almost like a draft for the light novel, but I can't find any light novel translations anywhere online. Besides, I've heard that the web novel and the light novel are almost identical. From what I've read so far the author seems to be really good and displaying emotion for his characters. I'm only at around chapter three for the forth arc, so I've got a long way to go. I think. If I'm not mistaken there's like twenty chapters per arc. I think. I haven't really researched it too heavily out of fear for accidental spoilers. The translations for the web novel also only start at the forth arc, which takes place right after where the anime ends.

I wonder how next year will be. I'm almost a hundred percent sure I'm going to some type of educational course. There I'll get the rest of my NCEA levels since I'm a highschool drop out and all. I've spent the past two years pretty much lazying about. I mean I was pretty social last year. I went out, went to parties, typical teen stuff. This year I was pretty much a shut in. I ain't got no complaints about it I've enjoyed it. I'm just wondering how well I'll take the transition of well, seeing a lot of people again.

I've stuck to my routine of working out for the past three weeks and I'm honestly doing it souly for the purpose of not being weak around other kids. Shit I'm not even gonna be a kid next year. Well, in my eyes I still will be and I'll definitely still look like one, but legally I'll be an adult. Fuck.

Anyway that's enough rambling.