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The Life Of "Mars".
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2018-10-22 10:36:54 (UTC)


Monday October 22nd

To my surprise nothing bad happened on Sunday or Monday. Like, at all. I didn't get woken up early for example because my mom for a change didn't clean, so for the first time in probably a week I actually woke up naturally.

I'm still pretty set on my idea of possibly trying to move out next year, and I talked it over with Ian when he arrived home from camp today. He said he'd be down and even looked into it a little bit. I gave it a little thought and rather being dead set on wanting to be out next year, I'm kinda half set on it. I figure that since I'm going to be at school and maybe even work majority of the time I won't even be putting up with her a lot, I hope. If that isn't the case then yeah I'll try to be out of here.

I'm nearly done with reading everything from Konosuba. I ended up joining a Discord chat that's mostly focused on that series. Oh yeah and I saw some awesome news just before. The Konosuba movie has now officially been confirmed to air sometime in 2019. I'm really excited for it. It's likely not going to cover anything from the light novel, but since the same illustrator who draws the pictures for the light novel is also in charge of character design for the anime and is working on the movie as well I'm still pretty excited. Plus the same voice actors and they've got the majority of the staff there. It's a different studio doing it but since it's mostly got the same people working on it I'm not too worried.

Me and Ian are planning on getting drunk this Halloween. Actually he's going to be getting drunk mostly for the Fallout 76 beta, but eh, I'll still drink as well. Maybe I'll play For Honor or just get drunk by myself. Dunno. My online friend William gave me his account so I can download Fallout 76 when it comes out so me him and Ian can all play it together.

I've been trying to learn Nobushi in For Honor. She's sorta difficult for me to get used to just because I'm a really aggressive player and she relys on keeping people at a distance, but I'm slowly getting there. I picked her because I like her aesthetic. The white face paint, and her sort of flirtatious taunts and executions are pretty cool. After I'm done learning her I might try and learn Berserker or Warlord because I want a main from the Viking faction.

I'm sort of debating if I want to stay up all night or try and go to sleep now since I've got a doctor's appointment at 9AM tomorrow. I'll probably just try and stay up and ho to bed when I get home. What I'll probably do is go read some Konosuba since I haven't done that yet, watch the latest Walking Dead episode. Probably some For Honor and anime and I guess browse shit on my phone later. Yeah. That sounds like a good idea. Plus I've got a can of V so it'll keep me awake I think.