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The Life Of "Mars".
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2018-10-17 02:42:44 (UTC)


Wednesday October 17th, 2018

Well I finished Youjo Senki (The Saga Of Tanya The Evil) yesterday. It was pretty good. It follows this one guy who as punishment from God was reincarnated into a different world similar to the one we live in, except it's set during the 1920s in a World War 1 type scenario. Oh and there's magic used in combat. Except most people can't use it. This person is reincarnated into the body of a little orphaned girl called Tanya, who retained all their past memories and personality. I'll refer to Tanya as a girl from here on out, but in her pass life she was a guy.

Anyway, she's basically born with insane magical prowess and is enlisted in the army when she was very young. Like eight years old young. I'm not gonna over the story but it involves a lot of plotting, flying around with world war one guns, explosions and all that jazz. Oh and her constant denial of God, although God eventually gifts her with some strong ass power but she can't only ever use it when she prays to God. Like, "Please God lend me your strength so I can vanquish my enemies in your holy name." It came out only last year and I do hope it gets a second season. Appreantly a movie for it has been confirmed as well. The anime is based on a light novel series and it goes way past the anime from what I've read, like so far you could probably make season two and three out of it.

I gotta find another anime to watch. I've been watching two different anime recently but they're being released one episode per week so it's sorta a slow process. Goblin Slayer and That One Time I Got Reincarnated as a slime. Ones about a fucked up world where the guy is hell-bent on killing goblins after what they did to his family and friends, the other is about a guy who was reincarnated into a fantasy type world as a slime.

Today's been pretty chill, me and Ian went into the store and brought some drinks and other snacks. He also got two wall hooks for me to place my two keychains on so that's cool.

The new update for For Honor came out today as well and so far it's been pretty fun.

I started reading American Psycho and it's okay so far, there's a few words that get brought up because it's naming different shit from the 1960s so I get a little lost. Also the book I got the words are in a pretty small print and close together so every now and then I lose where I am on the page. But I'll manage.

Oh yeah, while I was on For Honor I ran into Liam and Callum on there. I didn't join on them or anything I didn't even know they were playing but we ended up on the same team. When I loaded in Liam was in front of me spamming his lil emote with his character. We played a few games together and then they got off. I played another game and then got off as well.

I also read another chapter of Konosuba for the Dust Spinoff. I like Dust, he's a side character but he's pretty funny and it's cool how his past seems to be pretty serious. From what I've gathered he was the son of a low ranking noble family in a different country and was extremely adept with the spear, and got the rare class of Dragon Knight. (Basically he could take dragons.) He became the princesses bodyguard and the two fell in love, but because of their large difference in status it wasn't going to happen. The two ended up running away together but they were caught, while Dust wasn't executed (likely because of the princess intervening) he was stripped of his title and banished from the country. Now he pretty much refuses to use a spear, although from what I remember he used one once against a skilled assassin because he wanted to protect his companions. It's pretty funny because it's been brought up occasionally the story of the noble knight who tried to run away with the princess only to be caught and exiled is quite famous with a lot of the female adventurers who dislike Dust, little do they know that the protagonist of their story of tragic romance is Dust, the rude delinquent "scumbag who people should be wary of."

The new season of the Walking Dead came out recently as well. I was a pretty big fan of TWD last year. I had always wanted to get into it but I could never find a place to watch it since it wasn't on New Zealand Netflix. Eventually it was on Neon NZ, surprisingly. Well the first five seasons were. I watched those and they brought season six and seven on disc. Once I was done with that I read the comics that TWD TV show is based on, although there are some pretty big differences. For example, Daryl isn't in the comics. Carol is completely different to how she is in the comics, matter a fact Carol is dead. Angela was awesome in the comics and lived for ages, but she was really annoying in the show. The comics as a whole are a lot darker, but I'd say the Rick in the show is was more darker. Anyway, when I was watching season eight as it was being aired I was kind of the "eh" mindset. I mean, there were parts I liked and other parts where I was like "oh come the fuck on." Like there was this one major bullshit plot armor point where Negan and the priest (I forget his name) walk through a bunch of walkers without being bit. With Carl dying as well, especially with how important he becomes in the Whispers Ark I feel eh about it. I mean plus let's be honest here Carl is Rick's main god damn reason to even be alive at this point. I think Rick is meant to be leaving the show and I don't know how it's going to go from there. I like TWD, but a lot of the appeal for me at least is the journey of Rick Grimes. This man who used to be town sheriff, who ended up having to kill his best friend, have his wife die and all this other shit, grow as a person and react to different things around him. Well it was awesome to see. So without Rick there I don't know how much appeal will even be there for me y'know? I'll still give it a chance but eeehhhh.

Anyway that's all,