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The Life Of "Mars".
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2018-10-15 17:42:04 (UTC)

Bad Signs

Tuesday October 16th, 2018

Well I finished Bad Signs and it was pretty good. I liked the book a lot. It had quite a few moments where I'd have to re read the sentences because I read them too fast out of excitement for what was happening.

I had a few theories as to how it was going to end and I got at least part of it right. Digger ended up running into Clay at the end and kidnapped Bailey, the girl who Clay was with. I kind of thought that maybe Digger would have a soft spot for Clay with them being half brothers and all but no, ohh no. He shot at Clay and was happy at the fact he was going to hurt and rape Bailey because in his words "this was Clay's girl." Clay ended up being shot by Digger and the police but he lived, the detective Cassidy figured out what had happened and managed to stop them from killing Clay. Digger got tracked by the police, and Bailey who he had kidnapped ended up killing Digger. I had the feeling that Digger would end up either killing Bailey or Alice, detective Cassidy's wife. How it would happen I didn't really know. So I was a little wrong but still sorta close.

Another book of mine also arrived today called American Psycho, so I'll get to reading that later. Oh and two of the keychains I got from Wish arrived too. They're Tohru and Kanna from Kobayashis Dragon Maid. They're pretty cool.

There's a cross over of Overlord, Saga Of Tanya The Evil, Konosuba and Re Zero coming out next year so I'm pretty excited for that. Especially because in my head that means that they're tryna keep people interested in those series, meaning there's likely going to be more to come of them somewhere down the line. Most likely Re Zero since it's getting two OVAs and now this cross over. Plus the light novel now definitely has enough material for a second season.

The reason why I'm bringing all this up is because I thought I might as well watch Tanya The Evil since it's the only show in the upcoming cross over I haven't seen before. I'm about four episodes in and it's pretty cool.

I've still been reading Konosuba and I think I'm nearing the end of all the published stuff they have right now. I'm on to the second Dust spinoff, and after that I think it's just a bunch of small side stories I'll have to look at. But volume 15 is set to be released on November this year... however it'll likely take quite awhile to be translated.

While reading American Psycho and probably waiting for another book to arrive I'll probably read either the light novel Re Zero is based off, or this one manga I've been seeing a lot of recently called "Komisan is bad at communication."

My mom's annoyed me again this morning. She has this weird habit of cleaning the floor of one of the spare rooms where she gets changed and dumps all her clothes to where it gets completely soaked with water. Which she then ends up trying to fix by making it even more wet because the smell of a small wet room well, smells. So she's basically continuously creating the problem that she's trying to fix in a never ending cycle. Anyway so the floor is completely wet and the floor is damp and shit, so she wants to go fix it using this weird suction type vacuum cleaner. I hate the sound of vacuum cleaners. Well, not necessarily. I hate that she usually hums really fucking loud when she vacuums, to the point where I've pretty much subconsciously associated the noise of a vacuum cleaner with the sound of her humming. Plus, the room she uses is right next to my one so I hear it full force. Otherwise I probably wouldn't care. So of course I get pretty annoyed about her wanting to vacuum at six in the god damn morning. She tells me she wants to and I'm like no, so she starts telling me why and I tell her that it's her god damn fault that the room is like that and she just keeps on making it worse. Everytime I've tried to get that point across to her she pretty much ignores what I say. So she gets angry yelling at me and shit and then she picks up what I think was a plate and for a seconds motions to either throw it or hit me with it. At this point stuff like that doesn't really even phase me. I know my heart beats a bit faster when she does that stuff but honestly I'm kinda getting used to it. So I told her "Oh fuck off" and walked back to my room. She's a good mom, most of the time, but how quick she is to almost hit me with shit. I know one day she probably will but eh I'm not even all that worried. All any of this does for me really is further empathize how much I've wanted to avoid her recently and why. It's pretty annoying because I feel like she almost alters her own sleep schedule to keep up with mine recently so I end up seeing and hearing her regardless really. I think the best schedule for me would be for me to wake up around four in the afternoon and then go to sleep around four or five before she wakes up.

Anyway that's all.