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story of a anti social
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2018-10-08 06:33:18 (UTC)

i like her

dear diary today i woke up early at 6:44am and now it is 7:04am i am writting this to you ... dear diary i want to tell you something about someone special whom i met on this diary around 1 week ago .. she is a beautiful girl .. she is my only best friend ... i like talking to her..i always wait 4hrs in a day on this diary to talk her... yes i like her.. but remmber .. liking is different from loving .. may be we can fall in love?? but till now i only like her very much... i love talking her i dont hide anything from her.. she sent her pics to me and i sent my pic to her...i can talk whole the day to her...

I came back from college..... and i felt she will have message me but .. there is no message of i am feeling bad... it is 8:30pm in my country...