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The Life Of "Mars".
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2018-04-08 08:11:43 (UTC)

Sunday, April 6th

Sunday, April 6th

I went out into Stoke last night with Jess, Paige, a guy called Jay and a girl called Chauntalia. I didn't know who Jay and Chauntalia were or that they'd be there. They just were when I arrived outside of Countdown to meet them.

When I got there Chauntalia said, "Wait I know you from somewhere." And yeah, she did. We went to the same bus stop when I went to school in Atawhai. So I'm like, "Yeah we used to go to the same bus stop." And she said, "Oh my godddd. Wow. You've changed so much." I was kind of confused. I didn't think I had changed much, I mean sure. I've matured more I think. But she meant appearance wise because I asked how and she said "You just look way different now, like.. cute." I was kind of shocked. I thought she was pretty as well when I saw her at the bus stop in year 11, but that was it. I didn't think anything else about her. Plus I don't think I've ever had a girl call me cute within the first minute of me meeting her.

Jay was, eh. Okay. I had kind of heard about him before and I thought he'd be this real chill cool dude. Nah, instead he kind of annoyed me. He whined a lot about how boring things were and bkw much he hated this town. He was talking about like how he had friends who were bloods in "the industry". It kind of made me cringe but I didn't say anything.

I had met Paige before breifly, she seems kinda like a ditsy drunk blonde.

We chilled for awhile walking around town at night. Chauntalia knew Ian as well so we breifly talked about him and how he was with me now.

We ran into some of Chauntalias friends in Stoke who were.. dunno the word or the right way to say it. Hood? They were talking about finding a party and that they knew where one was that was open invite but didn't know if it was being hosted by a rival set that they didn't get along with. It caught me a little off guard. I heard them mention something about "Stokevalley hoodrats". Weird name I know. But it's the clique Shane used to be apart of when he was in Stoke. I didn't say anything about it though, in case this so happened to be the set these guys didn't like.

They eventually decided not to go to that party but to another one in town by Victory. Chauntalia went with them but me Paige Jess and Jay stayed back in Stoke because we thought it was too far out, which it was.

We walked around for a little bit more, Jay went home and Paige got picked up by her boyfriend. Me and Jess sat at a table bench for awhile talking. She started talking about sex a lot. Dropping hints and stuff. For awhile I tried to act like I wasn't getting any of her hints. I mean I've know her for awhile so I didn't know if I wanted to fuck her or not, y'know. I eventually thought fuck it why not and asked her if she wanted to. She said yes. We walked off to a school and did it there. I uh, didn't enjoy myself. Like, at all. It was trash. This sounds harsh but she wasn't good at all. I couldn't really finish. She asked me if she ever messaged me to do it again if I would come back down to Stoke and I said "probably not."

On a side note before I end this entry off, I've been thinking about it. I used to think I was pretty mature for my age, and who knows maybe I was. But I mean I still had a lot of immaturity y'know. I remember finding it funny that Hayley got cheated on by Brodie after her and I broke up with the whole petty mindset of "haha see I wouldn't of cheated on you." Only for me to be hung up on her again a few days later. Scummy right? I dunno. I remember Te Maunga saying I have changed a lot too late last year. He said he didn't know what it was. Just that he thought it was for the better and he liked this version of me better. Well, peace.