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The Life Of "Mars".
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2018-03-06 03:11:07 (UTC)


Tuesday, 6th March

It's been a long time since I've made any type of entries into this. I wouldn't say I've been particularly busy or anything. I just haven't really felt like writing anything in here for awhile. I'll try and give a brief update on some things that I've done and that have happened to me.

I've been to a few more parties, nothing really too exciting though. Just the usual. Occasionally hook up with someone, get drunk, end up crashing. I was supposed to go to one last Friday but I couldn't make it because it was pretty far out and was forecast to rain pretty heavily. Which it turned out it didn't and only rained a little but eh, it's whatever.

I've haven't been out on the town at night for awhile. Mostly because we've had pretty shit weather and even a cyclone at one point, but yeah. I know I did go out a bit after I stopped writing entries. Nothing really too interesting happened either. I did run into a kid who I knew from school though. His name was Mason. It was pretty cool because a year ago he was a short fat kid and now he's grown a lot and is pretty stocky. He said he's been hitting the gym a lot and even likes to climb buildings like me and Ian.

Hayley moved back to Nelson by herself and she's staying with her grandparents. I haven't really seen or talked to her though. We did hang out and catch up together once though back in January.

Oh yeah, I'm 17 now. Cool huh?

My half sister Raven is pregnant and I think her kid is supposed to be born in a few weeks. She was also talking about going on a road trip with her friends at some point and coming down to stop and see me which would be cool.

The games I'm mostly playing now are Fortnite, Cod WW2 and occasionally GTA.

On New Years me Ian and my friend Ben snuck into another school and got drunk. We didn't actually go inside the buildings though. I yelled at this one house because a year ago he almost tried to fight us when we were drunk there. We later were sitting on the balcony of the school office and we saw red and blue flashing lights driving up the school driveway. Cops. Me and Ian looked at each other and said run. Ian ran across one side of the roof, and then I chucked the bag that had our alcohol in it off the roof and jumped down. Grabbed Ben and booked it. Yeah, I had to run from the cops on New Years. We got away though and hid in this kind of bush area by this house for about 20 minutes. Afterwards we walked back to the school to grab our bag. Me and Ian then went swimming in the pool, drunk. Yeeeaahhh.

I don't think I did anything exciting for my birthday. Pretty sure I slept most of the day. I got a lot of happy birthday messages from a lot of people I didn't even expect. Some had photos of me saved that I wouldn't think they'd have either. Kayla said happy birthday to me too. I said "Thanks" trying to keep it as bland as possible, cause y'know. Ex.

There isn't a whole lot that's new with me now, except Ian moved in with me. He had a lot of problems going on at home, so my mom let him stay. He's gotta pay rent and all that, but yeah. He doesn't know about my moms schizophrenia either. I've considered telling him, but I don't think I will. I don't like telling people that. I've heard her talk to herself a few times. It really, really makes me mad. I shouldn't be, but it just pisses me off so fucking much. Like right now she was outside my window hosing and I heard her. I hate myself for getting mad at something she can't help, but I think it's because it reminds me of all the times she'd yell at people while I was there at school saying bizzare things, talking about shit I don't even wanna say here. It just, kills me inside. Sorry to end this on a bad note, but yeah.