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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-10-31 04:42:41 (UTC)

Christchurch: Day 1

Tuesday 31st October, 2017

I woke up pretty early on Wednesday, I pretty much had everything packed and I was ready to go. I told Shane, to tell Shan (the girl who was picking me up) that I'd be at the Atawhai Foursquare when she came to pick me up. She was meant to pick me up around 8AM, but since I didn't want to awkwardly run over and be late I went and waited at the bustop. I was there for probably a good 40 minutes, partly because she was slightly late and because I had arrived about 10-15 minutes before I was supposed to.

When she arrived we then went to go drive to Brightwater, where we were going to pick up Latham. That took awhile because we didn't actually get an actual address from him, just the street. So we kind of sat there for awhile while Shan was texting Shane to tell him to get Latham to come to us. A good 30 minutes later we were off and started heading down to Christchurch.

The ride was well, boring, as you'd expect. I mean there's nothing really fun about a 6 hour car drive. I haven't really done any big trips in years so I felt sort of sick towards the end, and when I saw that we were close to Pegasus (the area where Shane and Hayley live) I internally sighed with relief that finally I'd at least get to move around and stand up.

But the ride did kind of open my eyes, we passed hundreds of people while passing through small rural areas, towns, people in cars. It kind of reminded me how vast the world is, how many people there are to meet, and in a weird way it helped me completely get over how I was feeling about Kayla not too long ago.

Pegasus is like this new place they've built a little outside of Christchurch, kind of like how Atawhai or Hira would be just outside of the main town of Nelson. Man, it was pretty fancy. The place was totally flat. I mean there was not a single dip in the landscape or hills to go over. Shane later told me it was because the area was built over a swamp. There was a billboard outside it that said "Now home to 2000 people!" The whole place had this kind of "Home of the future" feel to it.

When we got to the house I heard Hayley laughing, I turned around and saw her on the street over playing on a tramp with either Ruby or Georgie. I can't remember. I gave her a quick smile and then turned back to see Callum and Shane there. We all started talking and it was just a real good happy vibe y'know? I kind of wanted to say something to Hayley, and when Shane signaled for me to come inside and put my bag down inside his room I paused for a second thinking if I should go say hi to her or not. I didn't. Me and her already talked about how I was coming down to Christchurch and how happy and excited she was about it, but ah, I dunno.

I walked inside and inside Shane's room were three mattresses which completely covered the floor. Shane was sleeping on the far right next to the wall, Callum was in the middle where he had a sleeping bag which Shane called "the drunk sack", and I slept on the far left mattress next to the door.

I made sure to call my mom and let her know that I had gotten to Christchurch safely and that I was having fun, before we all walked back outside. To give you an idea of what the outside looked like there was a tiny tard, a glass sliding door, a table and a few chairs on a concrete ground. We then had a few drinks. Well okay, "a few" is putting it very lightly. I got fucking drunk. Fast. In fact, I can't even remember a whole lot of what happened.. and anything I can I'm not sure if I'm actually thinking of Tuesday. But I'll go over details that I can think of.

- We took a lot of photos together. They're all actually pretty funny because we're wearing these weird big glasses in a lot of them.
- Me and Shane fell over onto the concrete and I cut my knee.
- Me and Shane went to the neighbors houses and told them we'd be drinking and if we got too loud then to tell us.
- Shan pissed in a flower plant. (Yuck)
- Lots and lots of jokes n banter.

At some point, not sure if it was before or after or during some of the things I just listed but we needed more alcohol (I was sober enough to walk reasonably straight, I think, so I think I was only tipsy?) so me Callum, Shane and Latham walked down to the ATM to withdrawal money so we could give it to Latham to buy the boxes, because y'know, he's 22.

While Latham was doing that Shane saw a group of girls who looked around 14-16 years old and he thought we should go talk to them. I said sure and so we walked over. Now they were standing on the docked part of the lake, and above this one docked part was this kind of raised platform. It's hard to explain but it was a good few feet above where they were all standing. For whatever reason me and Callum thought it would be funny to stand up here while Shane was down below on the docked part while he talked to the girls.

The first thing Shane said to them was, "Hey so who here wants to call me Mr Banana Man?" a few of the younger girls stepped back while the older ones just started laughing going "What the fuck?" he then introduces himself as "Mr Banana Man" and says he lives in the area. I then give him a look that basically said "Oi cunt what would your girlfriend think if she knew you were flirting with these girls?" so he then says, "Yeah I've got a girlfriend, but my friend up there doesn't. Actually, he just broke up with his not too long ago." (Talking about Kayla) I kind of look at them for a second not really knowing what to do. Not because I was shy, I'm not a shy person when I'm drunk, but more because this was Christchurch. Nothing I say or really do with these random girls is gonna lead to anything meaningful. That thought got cut out quickly though because then one of them told me to come down. I think they expected me to walk around, but instead I jumped. I actually landed perfectly which was good, I've become good at landing like that after all my experience of jumping off roofs, but still, had I fucked up I probably would of landed in the lake. This one girl who had red hair (I'm almost starting to think I had a thing for red hair) said "Woah, you're really acrobatic." I just said, "Yeah, yeah I am. Hey I'm "Mars." I can't remember how that conversation went. I should also probably mention I had a half full can of alcohol in my hand at the time and so did Shane. I can't remember most of the conversation, but I do remember that the older girls took some selfies with me and Shane and put them on their Snapchat stories. I then gave one of the girls some of my alcohol, and then I finished the rest. The real fuckin kicker of this story is when the girl then put her god damn hand of my chest, leaned forward and said right into my ear "I'll suck your dick for another can." Man I turned around so fast to look for Latham to silently beg him, but he was there and just silently shaking his head to say no. We then walked off and I think some of the girls followed us home.

The rest of the night I can't really remember, when we got back Pagan (Shane's girlfriend) was there and she was pretty cool. She was a blonde girl with long hair with a nose piercing and was pretty much the same height as me. At some point I ended up in Hayley's room with her, I can't really remember what we said. Except by this point I was wearing a panda shirt I have for a joke, and cause she likes pandas and all that. I remember I was on her bed wearing a panda hat, with my panda shirt, surrounded in her little panda teddies and stuff. I also remember I wore a dress.. well actually I don't really remember that part. I only know of it because of the videos and photos she put of me on her Snapchat story. At some point I left the room, again, I don't remember.

One part towards the end of the night that I do remember is that later on she was in the hallway crying with her mom Carly. From what I gathered her boyfriend Liam was ignoring her because he saw me, her ex, on her bed and stuff and us having fun together. I didn't know what to do. By this point a lot of people had gathered in the hallway, Shane, Callum, Sam.. they all circled in around her with love and support and hugged her. I didn't hug her. I didn't know if I should, I mean in a way it was sort of my fault. I think I said I was sorry, or at least I said it in my head.

I don't remember what happened after that. I know we were up for at least another 3-4 hours, and in that time we probably all just laughed and talked and had fun. But I don't really remember it. I do know we probably ended up going to bed around 2AM.

Peace, -Mars