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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-10-24 08:13:42 (UTC)

What Lies Ahead

Tuesday 24th October, 2017

I haven't written an entry in a few weeks, and tomorrow will probably be the start of what will eventually be a very long, long entry. Before I get into that however I'll quickly bring you up to speed with what has happened to me recently.

Not a lot actually, nothing really comes to mind. I've done nothing really besides heading out around Atawhai with Ian. I got a really weird message from Kayla before, a message that actually annoyed me. She messaged me saying hey and we basically did small talk for awhile, y'know talking about what we had done recently and what we were doing. I then brought up that I'm going down to Christchurch on Wednesday for about a week and then come back on Halloween to party again, since I'm basically going to go get drunk down in Christchurch. I said I was pretty happy about that. She then said something that kind of made me annoyed, for whatever reason. "Well aren't you lucky that your having a good life, that makes one of us." I had a quick thought about yes I do, but I don't have some great golden life like she thinks either. Y'know, my moms Skizofrenia still stresses me out near daily. It is what it is. I brushed it off, I mean whatever right? She's just upset. So I ask her whats wrong, and I got pretty vague answers which eventually led me to asking if it was about her mom, seeing as they've had problems in the past. She then just replies with "Mhmm" and before I can reply to that she says "Why are you even still talking to me after I lead you on and dumped you." What? Dude. You messaged me. Anyway I replied something like, "I dunno, I do care yknow." She replies "Right." I then asked "Why did you ask?" and then she didn't reply. Okay then..? I don't really care I'm just confused.

Anyway, tomorrow at 9AM I'm supposed to get picked up by Shane's sisters friend with Latham and we're going down to Christchurch for about a week.

Peace, -Mars