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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-09-22 04:51:00 (UTC)


Friday 22nd September

Wednesday night me and Ian went to Cliffton Terris to drink, we got there and realized that there were still staff members who were there at 7PM in the main office building. They were upstairs doing some sort of meeting I guess. We walked around trying to stay out of sight. We talked for awhile before we realized the school guest wifi was still going. We tried to guess the password and we couldn't get it, we figured the password would be at the reception so we went to go see if we could look through the windows.

For whatever reason I tried the first two front doors. Locked. However one on the right was unlocked. Before quietly laughing our asses off I came up with the idea of me quickly going in and seeing if I could see the password written down somewhere at reception. I went in while Ian watched the door. I couldn't find it. What I did find however was one of those old cell phones. Y'know, the ones where to text you had to press the same button a few times to change the letter and they weren't touch screen. For whatever reason I took it and booked it to the door. I came out and Ian was laughing his ass off.

We walked back to our spot where I then went through the phone. It was pretty much empty with only a few contacts, one of the contacts was the name of the schools principal, who was in that meeting, who we had a clear view of. I had this great idea that we'd go hide in a bush and call him. We tried to but then it looked like the phone didn't have anymore credit. Whatever. We walked back to our place and continued to drink.

Fast forward maybe half an hour later, they're still in there. For whatever reason I say I want to go back in there, we sneak back in this time together. We go into a room where it looks like they print things and opened a window by a very small crack and closed the curtain. We got out fast again and went back and you guessed it, continued to drink.

We saw that the lights in the top building were off after awhile so we figured they were gone, and they were. All the cars that were parked out front were gone too, and the window we left open, well we were able to get back in. We felt like we were on some Black Ops shit. We jumped through the window and began to look around. To give a little insight, trespassing onto like a building itself isn't necessarily illegal. You can't get charged for it unless you've been caught the first time and given an official warning. That is if you don't vandalize or steal from the property. And vandalizing also means like breaking a window to get in, or picking a lock. At least by NZ law, I think the UK is the same too. We didn't do that to get in, we literally just walked in and made sure a window was open for later.

We looked through the draws (didn't take anything) just to see what kind of stuff they even had, don't know why we were surprised to see just pens and books. We quickly looked upstairs in the staff room where they had Favorites (basically mini chocolates, etc Flakes, MarsBars, etc) which uhhh, we did eat. They also had alcohol in the fridge. Yeah, not even kidding. Didn't know schools did that. It was just some real weak shit, like %2 weak. But, they had a wine bottle. Wine, tastes fucking horrible. Or at least that does.

We went back down stairs and started looking off around the other classes that were connected to the staff room. There wasn't really anything that interesting. But we were down there for awhile, we then went back upstairs and sat down to drink more of our alcohol when we realized it was pouring down with rain. Fuck. We were there for like another hour and a half, by this time it was around 12AM. I almost vomited because of how bad that wine was. Maybe you're not meant to chug wine. I don't know.

We left after awhile, I went home and went to sleep.

Now, when I woke up the next morning I realized I had drunk texted about 10 people. They were all my friends and either didn't respond or just said "What." Here's the thing though, I fucking messaged Kayla by mistake. Thank god anything I said was incomprehensible but she replied back saying "Were you drunk?" I said yeah and then realized, it had been two weeks since we last talked.

I don't know if I wrote this in my last entry so I'll say it here quickly. We were talking, she left me on read. She basically told me before she wanted space or something so I decided I wouldn't message her again like I had been doing almost nightly. The only form of contact I even had with her is our streaks on Snapchat. Lillie kept telling me to message her but I always said no basically.

Anyway, I decide to ask her how she's been. She replies, "Stressed lol wbu" and we talk from there. Not for long though. I ask her what she's doing in the weekend (I wasn't planning on trying to hang out with her if that's what you're thinking, just tryna make simple conversation.) she says she's having that party she told me about. "Oh." I think. I then realize that Laura, Lillie and some random people have already been invited. I hadn't. Well shit. I didn't really care if I was invited or not until I realized that I think she had invited random people and not me? I get we broke up, but y'know. We said we at least wanted to say friends, and she said she still liked me? Dunno. Maybe I shouldn't think into it too much. Maybe I'll get invited last minute, maybe I won't. I don't know. I ended up feeling sad today over it though and basically ended the conversation with her by saying "Well have fun." Of course now, instead of moping around feeling sad I kind of just start working out to divert my attention. It works, kind of. Until I realize I start pushing myself to a level that might not be the most safe. I don't know. When it starts feeling like its burning and streching I try and chill. But then I get bored again, and when I'm bored I start to think, and eventually my thinking leads me to think about the "what ifs" and the "whys" which ultimately makes Mars are very sad boy.

I want to get a new small book to write and draw in. I found an old one the other day that I had in Year 8 of Intermediate school and through the end of Year 9 at college (They called my school a college but y'know, it was a highschool.) Year 8 I seemed really full of life and happy. Year 9, going back over the things I said, I just seemed like a really unhappy and angry kid. I partly blame that on my mom, seeing as Year 9 is when my moms Schizophrenia got really dark. I don't actually blame her, just y'know.

If things don't work out with me and Kayla, well shit. I might need to find some new friends, seeing as that group has merged with her group and you know how girls can be. They'll, obviously, as you do, choose their girl over the ex. I don't blame em, it's just facts.

Peace, -Mars