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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-09-02 07:20:32 (UTC)


Saturday 2nd September, 2017

Today was pretty relaxing, I didn't do a whole lot except work out more and listen to music. Before I get a job I guess I need a tax number, and before I get that I need to fill out a forum, and I can't hand that in until Monday. Still, it's progress in the right direction.

Last night I got woken up around 12AM by a bunch of messages from Kayla, it was just her saying my name over and over again like "Mars" "MAAAARRRRSSSS" "MARRRS" I mean, she didn't actually say Mars but y'know by this point I don't say my real name. Anyway it was like that. I responded saying "Ello?" and waited for a few minutes for a response. No reply. I saw the "last online: 5 minutes ago." on Messanger below her name so I just went back to bed. In the morning I saw another message from her saying "Sorry I didn't mean to send that to you." with a little laughing emoji. Okaaayyy. Sort of confused me, well it confused me a lot. But I just sorta replied simply "Oh okay haha no worries."

She messaged me back about two hours later asking what I was up to, we then for around two hours had a reasonably tame conversation. She was in town with Lillie and Lillie was staying with her at her aunties out in Hira. She out of the blue left me on read. Like, mid conversation no explanation. I didn't really pay it any thought though, surprisingly. She basically said she wanted space before, so I guess it's just that.

I think I might play my old Pokemon Silver save that I have on my laptop soon, I've just been strangely tired today to be honest.

Peace, -Mars