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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-08-03 22:09:54 (UTC)

New People

Friday 4th August, 2017

Last Friday I went to another one of the parties that Laura hosts every now and then. I showed up around 5:40PM wearing my black hoodie with the red rose pattern, black joggers, my Nike shoes with my black cap turned around backwards accompanied by my white bandanna, which I guess I now always wear with my hoodies.

Laura greeted me at the door with another girl called Bella, she was sort of tall with long black hair going down her back. I walked inside and put down my bag where Laura then escorted me and Bella off to the bathroom, where everybody else was. Inside was Jess and Lillie who were both really excited when they heard I was there. "Oh my god "Mars" is here now? Hi "Mars!" " There were two new other faces inside the bathroom, a guy called Hayden and a girl who I immediately thought was kind of cute called Kayla. They gave me a quick "Hi" and I sort of felt they had some bad vibe about me because of the bandanna around my neck, which at this point I pretty much just wear as a scarf.

I didn't say a whole lot at first, and any quick thoughts I had about doing anything with Kayla quickly disappeared when I saw Hayden put his arm around her. "Awh, she has a boyfriend." Whatever. Bella, Hayden and Kayla along with Lillie all went to a school that I pretty much had forgotten about called Wiamea. It's even further out then Nayland, I actually thought Lillie went to Nayland instead of Wiamea so I forgot that the college was even a place. They all took photos in the mirror while I sort of stood off to the side. Don't get me wrong I like photos, it's just because they all seemed to know each other and were having fun I'd feel weird just randomly barging in saying "Oh hey let me be in this photo."

We went back into Laura's room where we all either were sitting on the edge of her bed or were leaning up against the wall. Again, I wasn't really talking. Kayla sat herself down next to me but I didn't think anything of it and just whipped out my phone where I then just started texting for the next few minutes. She kind of leaned herself up against my back because of the angle I was sitting, she apologized for it a little after but I just laughed it off saying it was fine.

At some point Lillie wanted to prank call Ethan. Ethan was at the last party we were at, apparently they had "a thing" but Lillie boldly said that she hated him.. only she then went off to go stand out on Laura's balcony giggling calling me and Jess over to help her. We stepped out and she dialed his number, she then quickly handed me the phone. I had to think kind of fast about what I was going to say. He picked up almost instantly and said, "Hello, who is this?" Now I'm usually pretty good at faking and changing my voice and just acting a role as a whole. I decided to try and play myself off as an federal investigator. I kind of forgot to realize that they usually will come to your front door and question you, but I said to him "Hello, Ethan *last name*" "Yes?" "Hello, I'm contacting you to report that you have been reported to be seen in a vehicle with three other individuals involved in a hit and run where there are now two casualties as a result." Not the best, I know but I was doing this on the spot. He clearly didn't believe me either because he then said sarcastically "Oh is that so?" I continued on basically trying to convince him that there was a SWAT team outside. This whole idea wasn't totally far fetched because somebody similar happened to me as a kid where an actual SWAT team was outside my house and they called my moms cell thinking we were involved in a shooting, but anyway, Lille took the phone back off me and started talking to him.

I walked back inside while Lillie talked with him. It was soon decided that Ethan and some of his friends, one being Leroy, the kid who Laura gave a handjob to, were going to come on the option they brought more drinks. By this point I had barely had any which was surprising for me. Two drinks. That's all I had. Then again, things had only just started. For whatever reason Jess, Lille and Laura walked into the living room leaving me alone with the new people. About 30 seconds passed by before Kayla, who was again sitting next to me turned around to me and said "So! How are you?" all bright and cheery. It kind of took me by surprise so I kind of just said "Oh, uh good." I then said "Oh yeah by the way sorry I'm not really talking I'm sorta shy with new people I guess." Bella then said "Oh no it's fine I mean I probably wouldn't say anything either with a bunch of people I didn't know." So that made me feel better I guess. Me and Kayla talked a little more just saying where she went to school and how old we both were.

There was then a knock at the door and we thought it was going to be Laura's boyfriend since he was supposed to be on the way as well. Nope. Instead it was some random ass guy with a box of bourbon in his arm wearing one of those green reflective jackets that workers use. Now the way Laura's apartment is there's a first set of doors that you either need a key for or for someone to let you in the apartment block, and it's a glass set of doors so he was still outside. I heard someone say "Oh no not him. What the fuck is he doing here?" "Who invited him the fuck?" I was confused he looked like a grown man to me but I guess he went to Waimea with them. Laura's mom came out shortly after and told him to go away. She also seemed pretty annoyed and said something about him and his family being weird and that he's not allowed around here. I didn't question it or even think about it. I can only assume he like saw everybody on the Snapchat map and people Snapchats and decided to show up uninvited. Weird.

Shortly after that Ethan and Leroy show up with three others kids. One of them, wow. One of them was my fucking cousin. My cousin Luke, the one who I hadn't seen in years. Since I was about 8 years old. It was really shocking.

I'll continue the rest of this story another time since I've been sick for the past few days. On one quick side note I realized this is my 100th entry. So that's pretty cool, I guess.

Peace, -Mars