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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-07-10 10:59:19 (UTC)

Short Day, Cold Night.

Monday 10th July, 2017

Me Callum and Ian met up again and at about 3:40 we were set to go to the Hyrda Slide. The Hydra Slide is basically this big water slide we have here in Nelson. I usually wasn't that keen on the idea of going since it seems sort of kiddy to me but well, Callum is forever a kid at heart and Ian just doesn't care. But I was willing to go since this was Ian's birthday and some special time with Callum.

Tyler and Cam were supposed to meet us there, but I guess they didn't end up coming which was fine. The Hydra Slide was closed that day anyway. I brought up the idea that we should go to KFC instead, since I hadn't been to it in a good two years, and it was only about a ten minute walk from the Hydra Slide.

We got there and ordered our food, I just stuck to a basic $5 meal which was three bits of chicken, some chips and a drink. We stayed there a little before heading to the Go Carts.

I didn't really want to go on the Go Carts, I didn't think that I'd enjoy it that much. I was half right. On the good side, I don't think I'm too bad of a driver. I mean, if it were possible to reverse on those things I would of been fine. I would of been fine if people weren't intentionally crashing into me either. You see they had these set of rules where you weren't allowed to intentionally hit people. I mean they made you sign a literal contract for it.

At the Go Carts there were me, Callum and Ian. With us was what looked like a family, since they all stood together and looked kind of similar. If they weren't a family they were at least all close friends. There was what looked like the dad and mom who were probably in their mid 40s by the looks of it, and their kids who looked maybe mid to late 20s.

I thought since I had literally never driven even a simple dirt bike before, I'd just take it easy and try and avoid the other people driving since y'know, they have more experience. That didn't work out that well. Let's just say I crashed a lot more then anybody else, and only about half of it was because of me not really knowing how to drive. I'd steer left and try to let the other people pass only for them to literally fucking ram me for no reason. I didn't do that well, Callum and Ian crashed a few times too.

Afterwards the mom made some snide remark to me like "What don't you know how to drive? It's your fault I bloody crashed." I kind of just laughed it off saying it was my first time driving. They were going into me, not the other way around. She just tried to and it back fired. When we were walking out they were already at their car and I'm pretty sure they were drinking.

After the Go Carts we briefly walked a long the beach, before then heading towards the playground where I kind of just tried my best to climb to the tallest thing I could. I don't know why but I have a real habit of trying to do that. It's just fun.

Ian's cousin picked us up, (he ran late by the way) and then went to the bottle store where he basically brought our drinks. Or, my friends gave him the money to rather. I brought mine too, which was basically a big bottle of cranberry vodka. We chilled a bit at Ian's before heading out, for once I wasn't crazy about going out at night. It was freezing, but Ian and Callum persisted.

We headed to the kindergarten which seems to be like a prime hangout spot for us. For whatever reason Ian dug a hole in the sand pit and started a fire, and then we kept it going. It was kind of cool, dangerous, but cool.

Later we headed to Clifton Terris where we sat on a different roof and shared a few more drinks. It was cold, really cold man. I started getting sort of drunk, I remember for whatever reason I started thinking about Hayley a lot, and then it dawned on me.. I had not seen Callum in person in about six months. Me and Hayley broke up before that. This girl was still on my fucking mind over half a year later. That kind of pissed me off in a weird way. I was partly annoyed at myself that I even still gave a fuck about her in that kind of way. "Fuck that bitch you don't need her" played in my head, while another voice said "Just talk to her who knows?" I actually opened up our chat on messanger and for a few seconds considered it, before I then came to my senses and closed it again. Dumbass.

We went home a little after that, and I didn't see Callum on Sunday. He went to go hang out with my ex Ally's best friend Bella, the one who lives next to me. According to Callum Bella was telling Callum to talk about Ally in front of me. I guess it was meant to be some way of upsetting me or something. Well fuck that bitch because I don't care about Ally in the slightest.

I saw a few hours ago that Laura got herself a boyfriend. Out of curiosity I checked his Facebook briefly just to see who he was and he doesn't even live in Nelson. Again, I don't care about what Laura does. I don't like her in that way. Just thought it'd be interesting to mention. I don't want a girlfriend. I don't want a girlfriend. I don't want a girlfriend. Not now at least. In the future? Sure. Still there's a part of me that kind of longs for some type of intimacy that isn't just some random hookup.

I got drunk by myself yesterday. Sort of, I was alone in my room but I was talking with a few online friends while drinking my left over Vodka, since there was a lot and the bottle was pretty damn big. But enough of that.

Peace, -Mars