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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-07-09 12:03:26 (UTC)

The Three Musketeers

Monday 10th July, 2017

On Friday I got the message from Ian that Callum would be arriving on the bus from Christchurch around 3-4. At about 3:50PM he messages me and tells me to get ready, a few minutes later Ian's car pulls up outside my house with his cousin Nick driving. Ian quickly introduced me to his cousin while we were driving to pick Callum up, me and Nick didn't really talk. I think he was slightly doped out on weed since Ian did tell me later his cousin does smoke a lot.

When we arrived where the bus is supposed to drop Callum off we saw this tiny little bus pull up, we didn't think he'd be in that one at first until he lumbered on out. Callums tall. Really tall actually, 6"4 to be exact. So he looked like a giant on that bus and basically had to duck his head on the way out. We got Callum and went back to the car where Nick then drove us back home to drop off Callum's bags.

We were then shortly off again, and soon we were back in town. Since by now it was around 4:30PM on a Friday there were a few school kids lingering around but surprisingly not as many as I thought there would be. We were kind of confused on what we should actually do to be honest. You see when we brought the idea up to Callum that he should come to Nelson for Ian's birthday, we did it almost entirely sarcastically. Not thinking he'd actually come down here, but there we were. Standing in the middle of town with our friend who we had not seen in six months because he now lived hours away from us.

After a small debate from stopping in at Burger King or the movies, we settled in on going to the arcade. The arcade we have here isn't anything fancy and it's not some old retro one from the 90s, it's far more modern and cheap. I don't really like the arcade because I always think that the money could be spent on better things, but this was a special occasion I guess. We tried playing around on those weird games where you slip a $2 coin in and you can control the claw that picks up a prize. I failed, twice. The first time was total bullshit it pretty much grabbed the thing and just dropped it and the second was well, just me being bad I guess. However! Ian tried it and on his first go he fucking got one. It was like this weird little fat bird plushy. I pretty much took it straight away and named him El Fredo. The problem is none of us remembered to bring our bags. I thought fuck it and slipped him into my hoodie pocket, he wasn't quite small enough to fit entirely so his head was sticking out of my pocket but I thought it'd be kind of funny if I ran into anybody and they said something about it.

We then walked off thinking about going to Burger King, but we when got there we saw outside through the window that there were too many people standing in line, so we opted to try Mc Donalds instead, which was only a few blocks away. We got to Mc Donalds, ordered our food and sat down. I just got the standard $5 meal I always get. Frozen coke, burger and chips. I'm fine with that. My two friends got the same except Callum changed his chips to some weird ass cheese onion chips, and Ian got some fatass burger. I should mention my outfit by the way, since it's sort of funny. I wear my bandanna a lot in public now, not like around my face or anything, I'm not trying to look like thugish or anything, but I tie it around my neck and tuck it into my shirt. Not only do I like how it looks when I'm wearing it with a hoodie but it keeps my neck warm, like really warm. And right now it's Winter in New Zealand, and by this time it was getting sort of dark out.. so it was cold. Anyway the thing is it's not exactly an "all white" bandanna. Or it is but, okay. You know those bandannas that Crips and Bloods wear? And how they've got all those markings and patterns on em? That's how mine is, except instead of being red or blue it's white. And me being a white kid with blue eyes may raise some eyebrows for concerned parents who think I'm some Aryan race kid who's dad is a skinhead and lives by the motto "If it ain't white it ain't right." Because that's sort of the looks I got from some adults, not that I care or fully blame them, I just found it sort of amusing. Especially when you realize most of my family on my moms side are dark skinned.

Anyway we left only for Callum and Ian to say, "Okay, let's go to Steffanios." Steffanios is basically this fancy ass pizza place here I guess that I had never been to, I'd thought that after we had literally just ate we wouldn't be doing it again so soon but I guess we were. I liked the vibe at Steffanios. It was real family friendly and stuff, it wasn't kiddy or anything. It just had a nice warm vibe to it. I wasn't crazy about the food I'm not really even a fan of pizza in the first place, but they decided to go and head and order the "Godfather" pizza which was basically the biggest choice you could get. I don't think we even finished it entirely. The place was so booked we had to go to a already reserved table. By this time, it was about 5:50 and the people who had the table reserved were coming at 6:15. So we kind of had to hustle things along. But we got out. While I was there I had El Fredo plopped out on the table because I thought it'd be amusing to have a group of teenagers sitting at a table with a stuffed animal there.

When we left we quickly stopped in at some small shop where we brought a few bottles of V and some other lollies. Ian almost got ripped off by $10 until he went back in told the cashier.

We then headed off to the school me and Ian had been to before. My old primary school Hampden Street school. Before we went in we again, stopped in at the dairy next to it because we had already finished our Vs and wanted to drink some Redbull on top of the roof. They also brought some lighters.. for whatever reason I don't know.

We got into the school around back, even though we could of easily walked in the fastest way up on onto a roof was by getting in through the back of the school. I got up pretty fast, and Ian would of too if he wasn't trying to couch Callum on how to properly climb. I can't entirely blame Callum, not only has he never gone rooftopping before but he is also very tall, taller then a lot of grown men are, so actually properly climbing for him at times can be somewhat difficult. Still I was up onto the roof in probably under a minute, while it took Callum a good five.

When we got up it was pretty cool, we sat on the edge and overheard some over kids walking by walking up to Boy's College, which is next to the school we were at. It would of been somewhat funny for them to see us, had Callum not looked only to see one of them was some kid named Caleb had had pulled a knife out on him before. They didn't see us though. Nobody who passed by did, or at least if they did we didn't realize. It was kind of funny in a way, we were in a place we weren't really meant to be and we could always hear people going past, but not a single one of them would of known exactly where we were. Which to me in some weird way is kind of amusing.

We got down soon and went to go find another roof, I quickly got up a pretty small one that Callum and Ian didn't want to go up because of how low to the ground and easy it was. Which was understandable, I basically just had to stand on a fence and boom I was up.

We found another one me and Ian hadn't been up on in our last journey here. In fact it was the second biggest one they had, and it was almost the same height as the tallest. We had to go around to the back of it where we then found this little platform you could grab onto, lean backwards and then sort of turn around and jump onto another platform to get up. If you've ever played one of those video games where theres the wall hop thing it kind of was like that. I got up pretty easily and Ian did too, but Callum of course couldn't really get around to doing it. I didn't want to wait up on them. I quickly ran up the side of the roof which was now arching upwards. I got to the top and just sat up there looking down. I was somewhat visible to the public. Behind me the house next to the school could see me if they looked outside their window, and if any of the passer bys to my left on the road happened to look way upwards they'd probably see me too. I didn't care though. Hell a weird part of me wanted somebody to see me, even if it did lead to me being caught.

And y'know that saying about be careful what you wish for? Well this is a prime moment. As I'm sitting up there I hear a car pull up behind me, I spin around and see it's the guy who lives in the house behind the school. I look down towards Callum and Ian but I don't see them, I assume they already saw the car and bolted. I quickly roll over to the otherside of the roof. The problem is, well I thought the problem was, that if I were to roll down there (and the risk was very real it was quite steep) I'd fall and smack onto the concrete. But I didn't really want to get caught, so I waited on that side for about a minute using only one of my hands to hold onto the side. I didn't hear anything. I didn't even hear him get out of his car. I thought, "Fuck it." I got up and decided to make a run for it. Not a literal run for it, running down something on this slope wouldn't end well. I basically slid down on my ass trying to go as fast as possible. As soon as I made it right towards the bottom I look up and see a figure standing beside the house door. I hear the man ask, "What are you doing?" I give him a short, "Oh uh, nothing." and then quickly jump down before he can say anything else and bolt for it. I run around the corner frantically looking for Ian and Callum only to see them sitting below the roof I was just on. I look up and see that even if I did fall, it'd hurt but the fall wouldn't be bad at all because it was just another smaller little roof under it. I told them what had happened. We waited around a little, deciding if we should leave or not. But we thought fuck it and stayed.

There was another roof, a lot smaller then the one I had just been on, but it all connected to a much larger roof. Again, not as big as the one I was just on but still big enough for it to be kind of fun. I found a way up pretty easily, and so did Ian. But the problem was getting Callum up. He just couldn't do it. Maybe it was because he isn't flexible enough or he's too tall or I don't know, but he struggled. We tried a whole bunch of ways to get him up, going to different parts of the building and at one stage even walking across the school to bring some tables and chairs to stack them up. We even brought in a friggin' goal post for him. Two hours passed of us trying to get him up there. Surprisingly it was kind of fun in a way, inventing new strategies to move him. We eventually got him up and it was fun, we walked around the roof and besides him being scared of every sound the roof made thinking it was going to collapse, it was fun.

We got down soon afterwards and headed towards the swimming pool. When we got there we realized the water had almost been completely drained. I say almost because there was still some, not a whole lot but enough to make your shoes wet instantly if you stood pretty much well, anywhere. Being the teenage dooshebags we are we saw an opportunity to later cause some people confusion and to briefly waste their time. There was some park benches seated in the pool area and we thought it'd be funny to put them in the pool. But we wanted it to be good. We had to make sure that they were all flipped up properly so that you could potentially sit in them normally if you so wished. We did that and put in a few other things that I can't remember.

After that we left and headed to Burger King where we just got a frozen coke each before we headed home.

I'll write the 2nd day tomorrow.

We didn't do anything together today, like at all. It bothers me a little because I won't really see Callum again for, well awhile. However we did discuss me and Ian visiting him in Christchurch at the end of the year. I think it'd be cool because then maybe I'd get to see Shane there as well, maybe even my half sister Raven. I realize I've had a habit of calling her my step sister but she's my half sister. I was also fine with it today because I'm really, really sore. So much so that actually walking kind of hurts just a tad.

I didn't do much today besides drink my left over vodka that I kept from last night and talked to some online friends. One thing of notice I'll say is I've had a lot of people message me about my entries in the past, some saying that they thought what I said was interesting or that they miss being 16. For those of you, by the way, who I've read but never responded to I apologize. Don't take it as me being a dick please. Anyway out of all those messages I got one today, shout out to you if you're reading this by the way, from a girl who to sum things up said my entries in a way helped her relate. That was kind of, amazing? I don't know how to put it, but I mean if me opening up on here somehow made someone feel better with their own circumstances then well that's pretty cool.

Anyway it's now pretty late here and I'm still sore all over.

Peace, -Mars