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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-07-06 09:49:16 (UTC)

In Memory Of..

Thursday 6th July, 2017
I had a friend die a few days ago. He was an online friend of mine, someone who I had talked to a lot especially in the recent weeks. His name was Seth. He was 21 years old and died in a car accident where he was flung out of his window because he wasn't wearing his seat belt. He worked as a sheriffs deputy. I made a tribute video for him. He's really dead too..

In lighter news, Raven got me into contact with Dakota, so me and her have been talking. Talking to an 11 year old can be sort of hard, I can't joke how I would with anyone else, and I'm always making sure I'm really positive with her and I don't swear. I feel really protective of her too.

Tomorrow I see Callum again for the first time in 6 months, we should be going out to hang and eat, then Saturday we're going to get drunk. Sunday I'm sure we'll just chill.

Peace, -Mars