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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-06-18 04:28:59 (UTC)

Barny The Dinosaur

Sunday 8th June, 2017

We've had the idea of another little party for awhile now with our usual people, except this time there were quite a few more people who I didn't know.

I showed up at Laura's around 5:30pm with my purple hoodie, black joggers, black shoes and black cap accompanied with my white bandanna around my neck tucked into my hoodie. When I walked in there was Laura, Jess and Lillie all making some put together heater for Laura's mom. They had already been drinking a little bit before I got there but it was only cider so eh, anyway we sat around and talked for a bit. For some reason we were using the box the heater came in as some weird box fort thingy.

The next people to show up were two guys, I can't remember both of their names. One was a blonde red checked guy and the other guy was called Sydney and he was a dark skinned Maori kid. By this stage I had already drunken about three cans? Later on there was two more guys who showed up, who also brought drinks. I can't remember both of their names either, but I know one was called Oscar.

Fast forward, I've drunken a lot more by this point moving on to about 10 cans. They were 8% so I guess 10 cans were a lot? That was followed by some shots and now two bottles of beer. I was drunk. I mean I was fucked.

Oscar and the other kid brought some weed along too, Laura's mom was pretty against smoking weed so like the sneaky children we were we went to the balcony at the back of the apartment by Laura's room. It was in this little makeshift bong made out of a Pump water bottle. God, I hadn't had weed since like term two last year. I don't know if being drunk gives you more of a rush, or if it was really good weed or if it was because it was in an actual bong compared to the shitty can I used but by god, the sensation I felt was... incredible. I was buzzing.

I think I had either fallen over or slumped down against the wall and just sat there. I passed out at some point, around 10PM they said. I don't remember passing out, I actually don't remember a lot.. which is why this story doesn't have a lot of detail. What I do vaguely remember is hear people say my name and asking if I was okay. I think I felt hands on me too? I woke up some time later briefly and I was on a couch facing away from everybody else. I think I woke up a few times and I think I was over in different places of the apartment. Later I woke up in bed feeling pretty okay actually.

That is, until about 15 minutes later. That's when the hang over hit me. The other guys left pretty early on. Let me just say drinks, so far in my experience bring people together. Those guys were probably the type of people I'd never talk to had I not been drinking.

I saw that I had uh, drunk texted and called some of my friends. There were about 8 drunken videos too that I couldn't really bring myself to watch until I got home. They were, well, there's one of me singing.

We talked for about another hour and they were basically all telling me about how fucked I was, and how everybody, especially Lille, was calling me Barny. Cause Barny the Dinosaur is purple, and I was wearing a purple hoodie.

Me and mom otherwise, have been better. I haven't heard her speak to herself at all since we argued, so that's better at least.

Peace, - Mars