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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-06-11 06:18:50 (UTC)

A Clique

Sunday 11th June, 2017

Something I sort of want is to be apart of a clique of friends made up of boys and girls. A really close one, where everybody can almost always meet up and hang out and just do things together. I'd say I only know one group like that, the one I kind of romanticize the idea of. I'm actually friends with one of the kids in that group. His name's Kahm, we used to be best friends back in Year 8. We're not that close anymore, hell I'd call it hard to call him a friend really. We didn't have a falling out or anything, we just don't really talk.

I remember in Year 9 before I found my group with Tyler Callum Liam and Jaime I hung out with Kahm and his friends, the boy ones I mean, since y'know, we went to an all boys school. Had I actually stuck around with them I'm pretty sure I could of ended up in their group. Of course that probably would of meant that I wouldn't of been friends with Tyler Callum Jaime Ian and Liam. I probably wouldn't of really talked with Hayley because we really only talked because of Jaime, meaning I never would of met Shane nor Laura Jess or anyone else. I never would of briefly talked to Shaina or Kaylin.

I think I was actually going to hang out with them one day sometime last year, but the plan got canceled because of the rain and I never really bothered trying to join in again because back then and even now the idea of being in new groups with people I didn't really know scared me.

Actually, I ran into their group again once in town when I was with Ian and Tyler around 5pm. We were waiting at the bus stop at the bus deport and Kahm came along briefly with two girls. One I don't know and the other one I know her name is Amber. I only know that because one time in History he was telling me about him and her sharing a bong. They've all been together since Year 9, and the only one who isn't there anymore isn't there because he moved to Australia. I don't know, I'm probably not going to make any attempts to get in there, hell the only chance I'd get would probably be if I randomly ran into Kahm one day and we started chilling more.

Some people who I might possibly hang out with in the future in Alaana and Freya and their whole group. I guess they consist of the popular guys and girls. So I wouldn't really fit in that well, right? I'm not really unpopular, I think. I'm just, there. Still they've made attempts to talk to me and Ian before, and the reason why we might actually see them soon is some girl who Ian kind of got with in the past called Delshay might be moving back in with her dad, who is Ian's next door neighbour. Since she was sent away for being too troublesome. She is friends with Alaana and Freya. And Ian said that pretty much every time she comes back she's really happy to see him. Just something that might happen, but which will kind of freak me out a little. I know I'm spelling their names wrong but I'm way too tired to go check the proper spelling for her name.

Peace, -Mars