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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-05-30 07:49:05 (UTC)


Tuesday, 30th May 2017

I've been sleeping a lot recently, I've been going to bed pretty early around 8 and waking up in the afternoon. I don't know what it is, maybe I'm sick or something. I tried to do my weights earlier tonight and I can still do them but they feel really heavy for some reason.

I had a pretty weird, almost concerning dream last night. Or a series of weird dreams at least and I can't really remember what order they were in.

I remember me and Laura were dating for some reason, which was sort of nice I guess? I can't remember us doing anything exciting besides kind of walking around with my arm around her.

At some point I was talking to Ian, and for whatever reason we were talking about a gift that I should give Laura. It was a stuffed teddy that I had to go get, but for whatever reason it was being given away at the port where there was a storm going on. For some reason Ian was stuck in the water where he was drowning in the crashing waves so I jumped in and pulled him up.

For some reason I had this thing on me which people were calling a fungus where it like multiplied every three seconds and the only way to get ride of it was to get rid of them all at once. So I think I had some weird shovel thingy scraped on me.

Later I was in this weird ice catacombs place to meet Laura. Why we were meeting there I have no fucking clue, but we were. She came with Jess and another guy. I can't remember his name but I know I knew him from my food class and that I didn't really like him too much. I remember then seeing him and Laura go in to kiss each other. I think I snapped at Laura and pushed the other kid. That's, weird. Did I just get all jealous and shit over Laura, in my dream? The fuck? Hell. I'm trying to avoid relationships and shit man.

The rest of the dream was weird, I was with Tyler at some water park where we were being chased by zombies and I think I killed myself because I was stuck at the top of a slide with hundreds of zombies below me.

On another note from the waking world I didn't do much today besides play GTA, oh yeah, I just looked and Laura posted a photo of me and her making out on her private Instagram. Wow. Don't know what to say to that really.

Peace, -Mars