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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-05-23 10:43:17 (UTC)

Movements in the night

Tuesday 23rd May, 2017

I can't quite remember when this happened, but I think it was a little before I went to Laura's. Me and Ian decided that we'd go out towards Clifton to go and climb some buildings there, so around 7-8pm we headed off and started walking there. On the way we pasted Alanna, she was on her phone talking to some person, a bit before we passed her I swear I heard her say, "Oh Ian and his friend are here." We just kept walking past her and down to Clifton.

When we got to Clifton I immediately got on top of this one roof right near the entrance, before Ian was just about to try and get up as well a car pulled up into the entrance. I told Ian to bolt for it as I then quickly followed as I jumped from the roof onto the ground, we kept running and darted behind a corner towards the playground where the tarp was. We climbed up the tarp and then hopped up onto another roof that was mostly out of view from the walkway and the entrance, and there we waited.

We sat up there for maybe 10 - 15 minutes just talking and looking around, behind us we saw two parents and a small kid walk into another building, so I can maybe only assume that this was some sort of late parent teacher interview or something of that nature. We then got down later when we saw that the car that was at the entrance had left.

In the entrance you would see the main office building right smack in the middle, and it had kind of like a triangle shape with a balcony in the middle of it. We wanted to climb it. Except this was maybe a little more challenging. There were three ways we could of done it. At the back where we were before you could walk along the roof, except it stretched for a while, was on a pretty slippery angle, you'd have to hop over bits and keep in mind, it's Winter in New Zealand right now, and since these roofs have tin on the top of them they get all wet from the moisture, so while that way was possible, it just wasn't the best way to do it.

The second way was on the right side of the building, this probably would of been the fastest way if you could of gotten a proper gripping for your shoes on the side of the building, which you couldn't really do.

We went with the third option, which was to go to the left side of the building. On the left side there was this small little greenhouse plant area, however the beams on it were pretty skinny, and the rest of it was plastic so we couldn't really stand there. I went up on to it first while Ian held a plank of wood that he had found to kind of give me a wider area to stand on. I got up onto the side of the roof, like option one, it was on a very slippery angle and with how wet it was it wasn't too easy to get all the way up. Not hard, just not easy either. But I made it up and then got onto the balcony. Ian soon followed me after me coaching him on how to get up properly.

It was kind of chill up there, there were some chairs on the balcony that the staff had laid out. We thought it'd be a funny idea to fold them all together into a weird position before we left.

We wandered around a little and found a even taller building at the school. We had a bit of a problem finding out how we'd get up. We basically went all around the building twice until we realized that on of the pipes would be stable enough to climb up. The thing is it was like, the pipe was there but then there was the edge of the roof that went over the pipe, so you'd have to kind of lean back and then grab on to it. But that's what we did. It was a little hard doing it but I did it first try. I then realized that if I now can't seen the pipe I can't really get down without jumping. And if I jumped from the level that I was at (the building got higher at different parts, high enough to kill you if you jumped off) I'd fuck my legs. So me and Ian looked for a solution, I from above and he looked from below. I pointed out to him that we could maybe just that garbage disposal. I wasn't that fond in jumping in garbage but I'd rather that then break my legs. He brought it over and opened the lid, and luckily then wasn't even garbage in it. Just a bunch of leaves.

Ian then made his way up, and we were at the top. It was, really really cool. We got to overlook the highway and could even see into town with all the lights illuminating the sky. We stayed up there for quite awhile before getting down and heading back.

Nothing really interesting went down on the way back besides up trying to get on a church that was there. It was possible, but the way around back was right next to a bunch of houses that still had their lights on so we thought fuck that.

I went home, he went home and I can't remember what I did after that.

Anyway that's the story.

Peace, -Mars