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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-05-19 10:10:49 (UTC)

The Consequences Of Such

Monday 22nd May, 2017

After me and Laura got together things weren't awkward between us, we've even planned another get together on the 26th, so that's this Friday I guess. Me and Laura both agreed that we shouldn't really tell Hayley. It's not like we were cheating or anything, and she did break up with me, but still.

A few days pass with nothing really that interesting, but I soon got a text from Hayley saying "You've got some explaining to do." I pretty much already knew that she meant about me hooking up with Laura, but I still asked her what, just in case she wasn't actually talking about me and Laura. Turns out however, she was.

At that moment I got another message from Laura with screenshots between her and Hayley. To put it short Hayley was saying, "You kissed "Mars" you betrayed me. If he wasn't drunk he wouldn't of touched you." I'm not too sure on how she found out, maybe because of the hickeys I left and someone saw some of the public snapchat stories and pieced two and two together, or something. I don't know.

Hayley didn't act that angry towards me, at least not the way she acted towards Laura. She asked me, "You made out with Laura?"
"Yeah I did."
"Omg do you like her?"
"Nah, she's cute but I don't like her like that."
She didn't like her answer, for some reason me not liking Laura and making out with her kind of changed how she felt about the situation. I don't know.
She then blocked me off Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. I didn't care a whole lot in all honesty. Well, at first. Strangely I felt kind of sad over it for a day.

A few days pass and she unblocks me only on Instagram and messages me saying "Give me a reason why I should keep you unblocked." What the fuck? I personally didn't think I did anything bad. I basically went off at Hayley, I told her fuck it keep me out of her life I don't care at this point. I told her that she broke up with me and then dated two other guys, she didn't have a right to even get pissed at me for hooking up with someone when we're not together.

That same night I went out with Ian, we explored a little and went on top of the FourSquare building. At the end of the night we ran into the two girls Ian knows, Alanna and Freya. They said hi to Ian and that was all good and well, the weird part is they were with two random guys. One I didn't really see but as me and Ian are walking off one ran up to us, kind of drunk and he's like " "Mars" is that you?" and went in for the bro handshake where you like pat each other on the back. "Uh yeah man, do I know you?" I don't know what he said, I think he was drunk so he just kinda mumbled his words. That was weird. Never seen of him or heard of him before, but he knew me by my first and last name.

Anyway, back to Hayley. I wake up to her message, she basically said that she only dated Brodie because she was guilt tripped into it by him and peer pressured by everybody else. Didn't really believe that part. She said she dated the new guy who's name I forget because yeah. I can't remember her reason for being with him. But she said that she forced herself to cry on Snapchat to make it look like she cared? The fuck? Confident that's bullshit as well. She said that she dated them to keep her mind off me because she still had feelings for me and hinted that she still does. I wasn't fucking with it. She has me added back now but I'm not really trying to talk to her. I'm just being friendly now mostly for Shane.

Well, that's it I guess.

Peace, -Mars