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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-05-19 10:10:49 (UTC)


Friday 19th May, 2017

About a week after me and Ian had been out drinking I wake up around 4PM in the afternoon to a text message from Jess. She told me that her and Laura were going to be drinking tonight around 6PM at Lauras and asked if I wanted to come. That was a little surprising because Laura's like this little grade A white girl whose never got in trouble, so I wouldn't take her as the type who would want to drink. I of course said sure, so I went and got in the shower, got dressed into my clothes and ended up going around 5:30PM because they told me to just come sooner. I wore my tye die shirt, black cap black joggers and of course, black shoes.

I show up outside Laura's apartment and as I do Laura Jess and two other kids walk out. Two of the three kids who I ran into the allyway in Stoke with Shane and Latham. Both of our reactions were "Ayeeee! What the fuck? You? Hey man!" we had never actually talked but for some reason us just running into each other twice so randomly was enough to break any tension and awkwardness. There was Jay who wore a black hoodie, and Shae who wore a blue tye dye with a jacket over it. They were both pretty tall, but Jay was skinny talk and Shae was more big ass fucker tall.

We went back inside after we quickly explained to Laura and Jess how we met each other already once in a dodgy alleyway. Inside on the counter was three boxes full of bourbon. Not like the whiskey bourbon, by the way. It was like this cola flavored woodstock bourbon which is like 6%? For whatever reason me and Shae seemed to hit it off and we were instantly talking for quit awhile. I asked him how he knew Shane and he said it's because they used to beef with each other back in primary school but after they stopped they became friends with each other. Jay was just kind of standing there behind us occasionally chiming in while Laura and Jess were doing there own thing. They weren't really drinking the bourbon, instead they were having like cider.

We at some point decided to go down to the fish n' chip shop by the wharf. We were a little buzzed at this point but no where near being drunk at all. So Laura and Jess went and quickly ordered because they had the money, and then we all sat down outside on these tables that they had. So we were all joking and stuff, it was pretty cool. I'm pretty sure that this one woman in a car parked near us was eyeing us out because Shae brought his fucking bottle, but it was all good.

We go back and I didn't really touch the chips we brought, I just went straight back to my drinks because well, y'know how I am at this point. We're drinking and laughing. Laura's mom came in briefly and said hi to us before stealing a few chips and going off again to do, whatever she was doing.

Later on we were sitting down at her table with the drinks and Jay brought out some Truth Or Dare app on his phone. All the dares and truths were pretty kid friendly so that was kinda disappointing, the only memorable thing I can remember doing is picking up a apple in a bowl of water with my mouth. We had tunes, laughs, I wore Laura's choker as a joke. A surprising question came up when Jess asked if we were virgins. Shae said that he wasn't, I don't know what Jay said, and I said that I was. All she said was "interesting".

I can't remember the chronological order of what happened here but at some point we were in the bathroom, I jokingly turned the shower on when we were inside. There was something where Jay went off somewhere and we didn't know where he was. There was also us sitting on the couch talking. Randomly Jess said that she thought I was cute when she first met me.

I don't know how this happened but me and Laura went off to another couch that they had away from the others that was next to the window overlooking the ocean. We started making out. She was on on top of me, I was on top of her. I had my hands on top of her head running my hands through her long blonde hair. We kept switching back and forth from me sucking on her neck to her sucking on mine. I had my hand on her ass. We had each others tongues in our mouths. That went on for awhile. When we got up Jess screamed because my neck was pretty much all red, and so was hers. During that time I think Jess and Shae had hooked up too. Jay, well he wasn't getting none I guess.

We later sat back down on the couch area and watched TV... for a bit. Jay was randomly laying on the floor, Jess and Shae were making out on the couch and me and Laura were sitting in this chair with her sitting on my lap and we started making out, again. This time it was more... sexual. My dick was hard, it was against her ass. She moved the strap of her shirt to the side as I was lightly biting and sucking on her neck, shoulders while cuffing her tits. Yeah. She was breathing kind of hard, in a way. It's hard to explain. I tried sliding my hand down more, she was okay with me feeling her ass and tits, but nothing else. That was fine, I didn't try and pressure her into anything. We kept at it for awhile.

We later grabbed the other couch by the window and moved it over to the side and started playing a horror movie. Jess and Shae were kind of still making out. Jay was now sitting in the chair that me and Laura were just in, and Laura was now laying on my chest and I was kind of rubbing her head as we watched the movie.

We ended up staying all night. In the morning me Shae and Jay walked down to KFC. The problem is the walk to KFC and back from her house is about 40 minutes. And when we got there it wasn't even open yet. We settled for McDonalds and brought back the food.

We didn't do a whole lot for the rest of the day, I was really tired and half asleep. Shae and Jay left together first and I was there with them for a bit. Jess had to go and I left shortly after. My neck was just covered in hickeys now. So was Lauras, just not as much.

I purposely put on my hoodie that I had in my bag with the hood over to try and cover my neck, and when my mom picked me up I looked away from her because I didn't want her to see my neck. Y'know, since I was lying about where I was going and she's over protective with me and girls.

There's a little more to the story, but I'll write the rest later.

Peace, - Mars