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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-05-18 11:16:58 (UTC)

Strange Encounters

Thursday 18th May, 2017

Some days after the event with Shane and the police me Ian and Tyler decided to meet up to go have some drinks. Tyler wanted to go sit on top of the hill we climbed once and drink, but me and Ian thought it was a bad idea because it had been raining the night before so the grass was kind of wet, it was pitch black again and we were carrying boxes of beer, and y'know shaking up beer isn't the best idea. So we decided to go sit by the little beach bank area down the road near the highway, so that's where we went.

It was just Ian supplying the booze this time but he had brought a lot so it was alright with us. We sat down on the beach for awhile, played some tunes which played quietly because the speaker was a piece of shit and we talked about life and the universe. They were, sort of philosophical talks mixed in with talks of games and other random junk that I can't really remember. We were on that beach area for quite awhile.

At some point we decided to go head over into the little playcentre that they have here in Atawhai. Why we find it so fun to go there is kind of strange since it's basically designed for little ass kids, but y'know it's whatever. We sat up on some tarp before quickly getting down as we had then decided that we would go sit on top of the playcentres roof.

Getting up was pretty easy actually, even in our half drunken state. I've come to find after doing this a lot that I'm good, really really good at finding ways up onto things. Like I was the one who even found out how to get up there. So there was like this little platform you could stand on, which you could then hoist yourself up onto this small piece of guttering that was actually really stable and didn't weigh down under your weight. So I was the first one up. The problem is with most smaller rooftops which have those parts where light can shine through (I forget what they're called) is well they're plastic. Meaning standing on them isn't the best idea because if you're not careful, or just unlucky they can break under your weight. However there was a wooden beam that we could pretty easily walk across. So I made it up first, then Ian handed me the bag which still had the other boxes of beer in it. Tyler then struggled to make his way up, and basically refused to walk across the beam and instead like, crawled over it. It was pretty funny to see. Ian then made it up, not as gracefully as me as it took him a second to even ask about how to get up, but he got up better then Tyler did.

Sitting on top of the roof was fun, it was relaxing in a way. I like to think that we were the first group of people to drink on top of that roof. So we just continued what we had been doing at the beach. Talking and all that good stuff.

Eventually we got that and their descent was, not gracious at all. I need to make this clear that we were drunk. Not really fucked up drunk, but drunk enough that climbing a roof wasn't the safest of ideas. But I got down easily, Tyler and Ian on the other hand.. they were kind of scared. Which was disappointing. I had to stand there and basically coach them on how to get down and even when they knew how to get down they were still scared. I mean the drop wasn't even bad even if they did fall.

We had ran out of booze by this point, but we wanted to check out the other kindergarten in the area. Well more I wanted to, but they were just as keen to go as I was. It wasn't as fun as the first one, in fact we weren't even there long because my dumb ass climbed up on another tarp that was being hung and broke it. We bailed after that.

So we start walking back down the road in Atawhai and Ian said that there was somebody following us from further back. I thought he was bullshitting and just trying to freak us out because it was about 10-11pm by this time right. There's one big store in Atawhai called the FourSquare, there are others in New Zealand too but that's beside the point. This one was probably the tallest one in Atawhai, so we decided we would try to climb it.

We went around back of the FourSquare to look for a way up onto the roof, and at the back we found the trolley that me and Ian had left at the bus stop to fuck with the kids. So me and Ian walk into this little area, and behind the shop is a bunch of trees and bushes okay. So me and Ian are in this tight little space looking for a way up while Tyler is still out in the open looking around. We then see a flashlight come out of the bushes and a guys voice like, "What are you guys doing here?" We stepped out, assuming that it was like security or something. Why a tiny ass store would have security, I have no idea. But, he wasn't security. I couldn't even see his face because of how blinding his flashlight or torch or whatever the fuck was. All I could really see was that he was holding something in one arm and the outline of his hand that was holding the flashlight. Tyler and Ian didn't really know what to say, so I stepped up trying to compose myself to the best of my abilities, acting like I hadn't just drunk about six seven bottles of beer. "Oh, we're just exploring and checking the place out." "You're not doing any drugs are you?" "Oh god, no no not at all. We're just checking the place out." "Oh well you shouldn't really be doing that." "Oh okay, we'll be on our way then." I then turned around and beckoned for Ian and Tyler to follow me with a hand jester and a "C'mon guys."

I wanted to get out of there because the guy felt really dodgy to me, and as we're walking Ian says, "That's the guy who was following us. That wasn't security man, the guy was holding a toy baby." "What the fuck?" "Yeah I was standing kind of out the light (he was behind me still sort of in the area where we were looking) and I saw him holding a toy baby in his arm."

What was even more weird is, we knew that guy couldn't of been security. But as we're walking a car pulls up beside us with something "security" written on the side of it. We kept walking saying, "Try and walk straight for the love of god man." I was trying to focus on my shadow thinking "left right left right left right" to focus on my feet movement one at a time. Then the car speeds up and then pulls up beside us again, and then does it for a third time. Hell and we were well and truly away from the store at that point, so that was really strange. We had the plan that if they did it a forth time we were going to go ask them if something was up. But luckily they didn't. I can't remember if they went up ahead or turned around or didn't move at all.

Me and Ian's plan was, "Fuck that guy, we've still got booze at home the night is continuing." but Tyler was kind of on edge about that. He was worried we were breaking the law or some type of shit. We tried to convince him but he wasn't budging so we just said fuck it and grabbed the rest of the beer.

We headed back down to the playcentre and talked some more, more about girls this time. See the funny thing with Ian is he's dated some really, really good looking girls. Like 10/10 type girls. Girls who live in Atahwai with us. Thing is Ian is the last person who you'd expect to date those kinds of girls. The really pretty popular girls. It's because he doesn't really do sport or anything like that. He did Cactus which is a cadets program where you like run around with logs and shit, but that's about it. But no, he's like a quiet kid who doesn't really speak first and watches anime. Not the type of kid who you would think gets with some tier one girls. But I know that he's not bullshiting because I've seen screenshots and the girls also saying, not shamefully or making excuses like "it was a dare" that they dated him. But anyway we were kind of talking about them, some other girl he knew who might be coming down to Atawhai next break and a girl called Chauntalia. Basically I said that out of all the girls I thought she was the hottest. That kind of thing. Good old fashion guy talk.

We got down about two hours later after drinking, way way more then what we should have. Guess who we run into on the way down. The two girls who Ian dated, who are twins by the way. Yeah the guy dated two 10/10 twins. I guess they had just finished having a party at their house and they were seeing someone off who was getting in a car. They were on the otherside of the street from us. I think they were with some other guys and girls too but I couldn't even see them, they could only even see us because they saw us as we were passing under a street light. So one of the girls says, "Ian, is that you?" I don't think Ian even said anything to them and just gave them a sort of drunken smile. They then asked, "Wait, have you two been drinking. Are you drunk?" I then said something like, "Oh uh, yeah maybe. Something like that." Ian didn't want to be around them. They didn't end badly or anything, or have some kind of fight, he just found it awkward to be around them now. So we moved on as we're walking up one of the girls and some guy who's voice I didn't recognize call out to me saying "Mars" and then the rest I didn't really make out. Well, they know my name at least even though I haven't actually had any interaction with them. Cool.

We went home, I played off that I wasn't drunk to my mom and went to bed. Still haven't had my first hangover yet even though I'm drinking more then more friends who then do hungover, so that's cool.

Peace, -Mars