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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-05-16 11:55:14 (UTC)

Silence in the rain - final

Tuesday 16th May, 2017
I finally got my laptop back, so let me carry on with the story.

Inside we sat around drinking and we were all having a good time. We were singing, telling stories and jokes. It was just an overall good time you know? I had to keep on going down to the bathroom because I guess my body can't really handle alcohol all that well. I mean, it is a toxin I guess. By this time I was wearing my purple hoodie and my white bandanna around my neck.

There was at some point during the get together that, for whatever reason everybody was in other parts of the house doing whatever. So me and their nana were left alone together. She asked me if I knew a teacher at my school called Mr Pownall, I told her I did and that he was my teacher in Year 9. That's her ex husband. I knew that already though through Hayley, but the whole story with him is that he tried to fuck Hayley's little sister. Scumbag. I didn't like him at school anyway.

I don't know how we got onto the topic, but she said I shouldn't be friends with Shane. She said something like, "I love my grandson with all my heart, don't get me wrong, but he's bad for you "Mars". You're a good kid. He's well... he's troubled." I knew what she was saying. He was a bad influence. He was one of those bad influences you were always told to avoid growing up as a little kid. I knew that already. I can't remember what I said. I don't think we actually had time to finish what we were even saying because Shane walked back into the room.

I knew Shane was troubled. I knew he lied about some things. I knew most people considered him bad. But I try and look at him differently, sure he's all that. But it's not like he was born like that. He was molded to be that way from having such a troubled upbringing. People aren't born horrible. So I didn't give up on Shane that night, nor will I now. But I'll get to that shortly.

After Shane came back into the room Sam, Latham and the other girl followed shortly after and we were back to what we were doing before. Having fun..

However at some point the nana and Shane disappeared off into the kitchen. None of us paid them any mind and we kept at it for maybe ten or so minutes until the nana comes back into the room balling her fucking eyes out. I was drunk by this time. Not so drunk that I didn't know what was going on, I still had an awareness to what was happening but I was really walking straight. So she's crying and everybody of course is asking, "What the hell happened?" and until between sobs she made out the words that ultimately formed the sentence, "Me and Shane were arguing and he put his hands on my shoulders, aggressively. Or something along those lines, I can't remember exactly.

I think they were arguing over Shane wanting to go out into town to climb some roofs and she said not while we're drunk. I think.

Latham got pissed off at Shane and was about to go out into the kitchen to deck Shane before the random girl stopped him while Sam went out there to talk to him. The rest of us tried our best to comfort her while he cried. Soon Sam came back into the room and now she was fucking crying too. I can't remember a whole lot from this part either, because y'know. I was drunk. Sam was saying that Shane basically did the same thing to her, Latham was deadset ready to fight Shane and I'm just there really confused. It made me think a little too, right now I was on the otherside of Nelson from where I live and my mom didn't even know. It was whatever though. Oh and by this time it was pouring outside with rain.

Shane ran off somewhere into the rain, so Sam called the police on him because Shane was saying he was going to kill himself with a gun. There was a lot of cops that came, and Latham said they even had a K-9 unit outside. I went off into the bedroom and pretended like I was asleep because they also then had to make out like they hadn't just been giving an underaged kid beer. And me, well I'd be legal for me if it wasn't for the fact I looked younger then Shane.

We sat there in silence for a little bit, maybe about five minutes of it. I was still drinking at this point. I was the only one still drinking. That was until Sam started crying again. She was really worried that Shane would now hate her forever because she called the police on him. They were talking about how Shane lies a lot about who he is. That he knows gang members and stuff. That he's seen people die. That sort of thing. I wouldn't of cared if it was true anyway, that's why I never treated Shane like he was lying to me anyway. Because I felt indifferent if it was the truth or not.

For whatever reason the nana asked Latham what he thought about Shane right now, and replied "He's a fucking dick." And then she asked me the same. Why she was asking us I don't really know. Maybe because we were his two friends, but I gave my honest, thought out answer.
"There isn't a real excuse for what he's doing right now. He's being a cunt, there's no way around it. But I don't think he's a bad person. I know about how his dad was a dick. I think him lying about who he is is sort of a way to build up a wall for himself for protection. He's been made to feel weak for presumably many years of his life by his dad, so this now is him trying to build himself up so he doesn't feel like that again." I was still in the middle of talking when Sam asked me "You sure you're 16?" the nana wanted me to keep on going but before I could Shane walked in the door.

I instantly went up to him and told him to chill the fuck out, I kind of wanted to hit him just to knock some sense into him, but I didn't. The police were outside and he was just here to grab his bag I guess. He was going to go stay the night at a friend of theirs because the girls didn't feel safe with him in the house.

The rest of the night was well, dull. The partying and music had stopped and we were kind of just there, I was drunk and I had finished off the last of the beer. I guess they put me to bed because I then woke up around 4AM in a bed.

I woke up the earliest in the morning at around 7pm. I didn't really get out of bed and just sort of laid there not really doing anything. Thinking about how fucking hectic things had been. I didn't get a hangover either because I don't really seem to get them.

Nobody really seemed to talk in the morning, Shane was back to but we didn't say anything to each other. He had very clearly been crying, and I felt he didn't need anybody to talk to him. Still, I stood by him to still show him I didn't hate him or anything.

Sam took me home shortly after. We didn't talk in the car ride either. Hell we didn't even play music. I noticed Shane just continually gazed out the window. I didn't think any less of him for it. I was looking at passer bys and I kind of found it interesting to think about how not a single one of them would of ever known what went down for us that night.

When I got dropt off I said some sort of goodbye, and then I said something to Shane. I can't remember that either but he just kind of nodded at me, and then I was off.

I still gave him the rest of the day to chill out and then I messaged him later if he was okay. I didn't get a reply for a few days and I saw that he had erased every photo on his Instagram and made his Instagram and Facebook profiles black. He said he was fine, and we've just still kind of been occasionally talking from there. He's better now though, I think. His Instagram and Facebook are back at least.

Peace, -Mars