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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-05-03 13:27:00 (UTC)

Silence in the rain - 2

Thursday 4th May, 2017

After we left Dave's house we carried on towards where we were meeting the girl, which was at a Stoke primary school. Along the way we came past Shane's old house when he used to live in Stoke. He told us that he knew Dave way back when he was a little kid, and he would help Shane try and calm down when he was having problems. "I owe so much to Dave, y'know."

Anyway after a few more minutes of walking we ran into three different people who I suppose Shane knew somehow, probably from the old Stoke days I assumed. I now know that two of their names are Jay, and the other one is called Che. I don't know who the third person is. But that's a story for later. Me and Latham kind of stood to the side while they caught up quickly, and then we carried on again to the school.

When we got there we couldn't see the girl straight away, so Shane called her on his phone and it turns out she was just about to leave. Shane had told us, all of us that his plan was to tell the girl to fuck off. I wasn't a whole lot bothered either way, but y'know. That didn't happen. While to me it kind of seemed like there were small bits of shade thrown at each other I guess it could also be concerned flirting. Either way he never told her to fuck off. In fact they basically just smoked together and she had some whiskey hidden in a bottle. We talked a little but I didn't really say a whole lot to her. A part of what was supposed to happen I guess was that she was supposed to catch a ride back to Christchurch with them for some money and shit for whatever reason that I didn't care to pay attention to. Fast forward maybe an hour or so later and we're all about to be on our way, and then she turns around and asks what we're doing tomorrow. Shane didn't seem too eager to tell her at first, and to be honest he shouldn't have either. But like I said, the plan was for either for him or for us to beat that kid up for making rape threats. She didn't really like that idea too much, I mean it was apparent because I could see her facial expression totally change. I'm not even sure if she said bye after that. She just left. Latham was pissed off though. I guess there was a thing where his older sister was raped as well. Fucked world, huh?

We walked along back to their nans house and now there was a new girl there. I think she was one of Sam's friends. I can't remember her name but she was 19 and had a pink hoodie on if that gives you some kind of picture. They didn't really question why we were gone for way longer then what we were supposed to, but I wasn't complaining.

This is when the drinking really kicked off. In my case at least the first few beers kind of taste like shit and only after maybe two does it start to not really matter. Yeah well it had got to that point so I was having.. a lot. I wasn't drunk though. Not by this stage. We were all talking about things, I think the conversation was fucking rimjjobs. Yeah I know. But it was funny. At some point a lot of people kind of walked off to go do things for about ten minutes. I think some of them were moving the cars that were parked outside around. In that time the nan (can't even remember her name) then said to me, "So "Mars" I've actually heard a lot about you and I've wanted to meet you for a while now." I was a little stunned and it took me a little to realize that this was also Hayley's nan, and pretty much all of her family knew who I was. She basically then went on to ask me some questions about us. "Did you two ever meet or was it just texting?" "Yeah we met, she lived only a few minutes away from me and I saw her on the bus almost everyday and we talked there sometimes." She asked me a sort of weird question which was, "Did you ever sleep with her?" "No. I mean we talked about it but we both agreed ed that we wouldn't want to anyway until we were well y'know, grown." She seemed really happy to hear that. "Did you ever... y'know, call her something rude?" "Like?..." "Like a bitch." "Oh god, no never. Not once." and then I kind of realized that in that time, in all the arguments, in all the time that I kept telling myself, that my friends kept telling me "Fuck that bitch man." I had never actually insulted her. She then asked me what happened to us two. I knew that she would most likely be on her side in the situation, so I didn't really mention to her that she told me that she loved me and fulled my head with different ideas, only to break up with me and then date another guy a few weeks later. But I told her the truth. "I was teasing her one night, and I guess I forgot that she's more sensitive then most of my friends so she broke it off we me the next morning. I was angry and confused sure, but I never insulted her. Not once." I'm not too sure how she felt about that, she let out a sort of "ooo" that you do when someones in trouble. But she told me that she appreciated my honesty and that if we still were dating, she would of given me her blessing. She was even more thrilled when Shane and Sam told her that their mom, Carly, liked me a lot. So much for that happening though. We went back to drinking a bit more and having fun, we did some things where we'll pretending to sort of be ISIS. Weird I know. It soon started to rain, and that's when we brought the booze and chairs inside into the garage.

I'll finish this off later, I should be sending my laptop in tomorrow to be repaired so hopefully I'll be able to write the rest of this soon, and then I can catch up on the other stories that have also gone down since then.

Peace, -Mars