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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-05-02 03:04:15 (UTC)

Silence in the rain - 1

Tuesday 2nd May, 2017

I haven't really had the opportunity to write anything because my laptop screen has been kind of fucked, making it almost unusable most of the time. But I just realized a few minutes ago I could probably use an HDMI cord to connect my laptop screen to my TV, while it works it's not exactly the easiest thing to use since the screen is small and stuff. I'll try and write as much as I can about what has gone down, but that might prove too much to do in one sitting.

Before I talk about the first event I should give a little background about something that went down on the 15th. It wasn't really a big event or anything, but it will get some backstory to the event I'll cover first. Hayley messaged me and she basically showed me screenshots where somebody was saying he was going to rape her if she didn't send her nudes. Why she told me of all people, I don't know. But I told Shane, and Shane was understandably pissed off. The plan then was that went Shane came to Nelson he was either going to try and beat him up, or we were going to jump him. Didn't bother me either way.

Me and Shane met up when he came back down to Nelson after being in Christchurch for so long.
On the 17th, around maybe 1PM his older sister Sam came to pick me up outside the 4Square since I was lying about where I was going to be for the night. In the front seat was Shane, he had basically shaven his head since the last time I saw him. He had a red flannel on and a smoke in his mouth, and in the back was Latham. I had already met Latham once on Christmas night at Hayley's. Or was that on New Years? I can't remember. It was either one of those nights. Latham had his cap facing the front in a white hoodie while also smoking. I kind of felt that this was one of those situations where parents will warn you to "Stay away from people like that, they're bad influences on you." Truth be told I'm pretty open minded about people and how they are, and I'm not really one to be pressured into doing anything I don't actually want to do. So the situation didn't bother me. I hopped into the car and we sped down the highway with some song by Korn playing.

Over the drive it became clear that Latham didn't really know about the plan to hurt the kid who was saying he was going to rape Hayley. He knew that something along those lines was probably going to go down, he just didn't know who or for what reasons. There was something where we stopped outside in the Mc Donalds carpark where Shane then met up with some kids for a few minutes. I don't know what that was about and I didn't bother to ask.

We were going to their nans, which was way out in Stoke. The first thing we dd in Stoke was go to the bottle store. So eventually we turned up to their nans and then I kind of realized how far out I actually was from home. But again, I wasn't all that bothered by it. Their nan was really nice, but for the first hour or so me Shane and Latham just sat out in the kitchen drinking, while Sam and the nan were outside talking about whatever.

At some point we left because Shane had to see some girl to "tell her to leave me alone". Sam and the nan were pretty against it, and it was for sure clear that Sam didn't like whoever the girl was. But eventually they came around to it and said to Shane that he had 30 minutes. A part of the reason why they didn't want Shane to go out walking around was because they said Shane was drunk, I guess in some respects I could of sort of saw that. Shane seemed to take a lot of offensive to that because for a little bit of the walk Shane was ranting on like, "I'm not even drunk man. If I was drunk I wouldn't even be able to stand right now."

Along the way we stopped and Shane said, "I've gotta go stop by this place." so we followed him into a house that was already open. We walk in and Shane says "Hey Dave, been awhile." and inside is some old guy who I guess was called Dave. Dave was around maybe 45 years old from his looks. Dave shook mine and Lathams hands and we all sat down on the couch opposite to him. I guess Dave was kind of poor, I don't mean that as an insult. It was just an observation because his TV was kind of like those ones from the 1990s. I didn't really pay a lot of attention to what they were saying. Dave had a dog that really liked me so I was kind of focused on patting her.

I'm actually really tired so I'll write a part two entry later..

Peace, -Mars