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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-04-10 18:25:13 (UTC)

Trolley Durby

Tuesday 11th April, 2017

Last night me and Ian went into town just before it turned 9PM. When we got there I wanted to go on top of the stadium, since the last time I was up there was when I was with Shane and it was really that dark when we were there together. But now with Ian it was completely dark and from the top we got a good look over the town and all the street lights.

After we chilled up there for maybe ten - twenty minutes we hopped down and proceeded to walk through the main part of town to the church steps. There was a cop car that drove past us slowly at one point and we got a little freaked out because I don't exactly look 16 years old and it was pretty late by this time, meaning that curfew would usually be in place for younger people. Luckily though nothing came of it.

We went to the church steps and we found a cone near by, where Ian then brought it to the top and pretty much yelled into it like a microphone which caused this awful noise that echoed throughout the town. We then heard some guy who we're pretty sure was drunk yell out "Woohoo it's a party boys!" Yeah. Fucking weird I know. We got out of there after that, Ian brought two knives that we could use if we had to, just for safety.

Something I had wanted to do for awhile now was check out my old primary school so I said that we should go there, since it was only about a fifteen minute walk away from where the church was. Along the way there we walked through the girls college but we didn't really linger because there are boarders at the girls college and two 16 year old guys there late at night sounds pretty creepy when you realize that there would be at least over 100 different girls sleeping there.

When we got to the primary school we had to walk around it almost entirely until we found a way in because of how high and almost unclimbable the gates are. Luckily we found an open gate that we went through. First we checked out this playground at the bottom part of the school and I spent a lot of my time being nostalgic remembering things that I used to do there. "Oh man I remember that we used to play ball tag there." It was weird, a lot of the playgrounds seemed so much bigger back then and well now, they didn't.

We then checked out this deck they have where some of the other classes are and I then said that I wanted to get on top of the roof there. We probably spent a good ten minutes trying to figure out how the hell we were going to get up there since we didn't really want to use the guttering as support since y'know, that can break pretty easily I suppose.

We gave up at one point until we got to the schools library, it was there we realized we could get on top of the library roof and then from there climb over onto the deck's roof. The one problem is we had to go on this outside rim of the library roof because the actual top of the roof was too steep to climb, not to forget the fact it had been raining the day before so it was kind of slippery. Another part was to actually get across you had to get off the roof and onto this platform which had massive gaps in between it, kind of like a frame but it's only purpose was for aesthetics, and that was really slippery. The only way across was to kind of position yourself onto the roofs very side and then use your legs on the frame to scoot across. Ian went first and made it across successfully with no real problems, me on the other hand well I couldn't do it. My shoes were already wet as hell because I never dried them properly and because my hoodie (which is probably not ideal for climbing roofs) kept getting hooked onto the bolts on the roof. We agreed that he'd continue across and pull me up once he had gotten to the deck roof.

When he pulled me up on top of the roof it was really cool because I remember I had always wanted to go on top of the deck roof when I was a kid at that school, we sat there on the roof over looking the school and talked for a little. We proceeded further across the roof so that we could get on top of the staff room, but we had to be kind of careful along the way because some of the roof was plastic instead of metal or whatever the roof was made out of. But we made it across the staff room and it was pretty cool. After chilling up there for another ten - fifteen minutes we got down.

We quickly checked out something that I wanted to see, one of the old court yards. I was kind of sad to see that it wasn't there anymore, and that now it had completely been covered with new classrooms. Did I mention I'm in a time capsule under one of the classes at the school? There's a video of me answering questions. Yeah just a fun fact.

We then walked over to the court, but there wasn't anything interesting there so we went inside the swimming pool. Normally getting into the swimming pool would be hard because the walls are absolutely huge, however we managed to find a way in over a tiny room they had by the pool. Inside was nothing special really except the massive pool. We found some umbrellas there too and those were kind of cool. There was also tarp there and well y'know it's a reoccurring theme with us. If we find tarp we've gotta go sit on top of it. Getting onto it was sort of hard. A lot harder then the other tarps we've got on because there was no real way to normally get up there using objects that were just there. We had to go find a nearby table, move it over and then stand on top of it. And even then we didn't have a whole lot to work with. It was more do a sort of press up to lift yourself up and then flop forwards so you fall onto the tarp. Not the most glamorous way to do it but it worked. Up there we sat there for a little while before we got down.

After we left the school we decided to head to Mc Donalds because I guess we were hungry. It was kind of funny rocking up there because Nelson is a small place so there was virtually nobody there. Just two workers and no customers. I think the last thing they expected to see was two kids, one who looks pretty young, roll up and ask for food at what now was 12PM. The only thing that I can imagine went through their head was, "shouldn't y'all be asleep for school?"

We took our food and left and sat at a bus deport, and after we were done with our food we burnt the bags.. Yep not even kidding. Ian brought matches... for whatever reason.

We found a trolley near the bus deport and Ian as a joke said, "Hey "Mars" get in." and reluctantly I got in. By this time like I said, there was nobody in town. Nobody. No cars. No people. Nothing. Just us. So we did what any normal teenagers would do. We wildly started driving the trolley around town in the middle of the road with me inside.

I wanted to go to Queen's Gardens and check it out at night, so in our trolley Ian pushed me towards it.

When we got there it was pretty cool. They have some park lights going so it's all very nice and illuminated. I climbed on top of a statue and placed a cone on top of it. We wandered around a little, saw some ducks, Ian accidentally cut himself with his knife. It was all very nice.

We left and we decided, "Let's go back to Atawhai in a trolley." Atawhai is where we live and it's about 7k from town. So yeah we trolleyed all the way back. We didn't do a whole lot along the way except stop at the skate park for a drink and... a graveyard. No. We didn't do anything disrespectful. The last thing I need is a ghost haunting me because I was a dick. I kind of wanted to pay my respects in a weird way. Y'know? You don't think about it but each person there was actually a person. Somebody who had hopes and dreams. Ambitions. Did they die with any regrets? How did they die? I saw some child graves, some I guess died in child birth. Others just at a young age. I can't imagine what it's like to lose your kid when they're so young. There were some graves I saw where I saw husband and wife buried together. I think that's how I'd like to be buried. Some of the graves made me sad. Some were so faded and covered by grass and bush that you could barely see it or make out what it said. And it's like those people have kind of been lost to the times. We didn't stay there too long, by this time it was almost 2AM and hanging out in a graveyard at 2AM is pretty weird in all fairness.

We got back to the Atawhai bustop at about 2:30AM. I put the trolley inside the bustop and flipped it upside down, just because I thought it'd be funny for the kids to see tomorrow. Because there are supposed to be no trolleys in Atawhai, and the trolley we got was labeled from some supermarket I can't remember. So all I can imagine is some kid being like, "Who the fuck brought this all the way out here?" Solid meme that is.

We went home, I took a bath and hopped into bed and went to bed around 5AM.

I kind of want to go out again, not now but maybe in a few weeks or something. Check out some other schools. Maybe the centre of New Zealand. Or this other hill. But that would take awhile to get to, and awhile to get to the top too. But I want to get up there because when you do, you get a whole view of town, you get to see Atawhai in the distance, you get to see Tahuna and the highway.

Peace, -Mars