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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-04-04 04:57:04 (UTC)


Tuesdy 4th April, 2017

I think a large part of my unhappiness has to do with Hayley. Because whenever we talk I start feeling kind of sad afterwards or during our conversation. I should stop talking to her. But that probably won't happen. My biggest step forward is that I never message her first. I still want to keep in contact with Shane.

I really want to start going out again, I want to do stuff at night and shit. I mean I have pretty much total free time right now and I feel its sort of being wasted. I need to get some new friends who want to hang or who don't really have school.

I think I should maybe try and get into finding me a new boo. Just for fun? Maybe. I don't know.

Peace, -Mars.