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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-03-06 11:08:23 (UTC)

Back Into Things

Monday 6th March

I didn't end up sleeping last night, but I thought I should at least still go to school and that I might be okay if I scoff a Redbull or something. I found that in my absense I haven't really missed out on anything special. I've already done my assingments for History and English, and for my other classes it really seems I've missed out on nothing besides watching a few films and reading a book, which I got given to do in my free time anyway.

I ended up texting mom to go home at first break because I almost passed out a few times in my classics class. She picked me up and there was no problem. I think I stayed awake until about 1-2PM but that's only because I had another energy drink left over and soon I just passed out. I only just woke up about half an hour ago.

I'm not entirely sure if I want to go tomorrow just because I know the work that I have to catch up on can easily be done at home since it's literally just reading and watching films.

I've gotta watch Halloween and Scream for media studies, and I have to watch the rest of Odyseuss (I've already seen most of it in class) as well as read a little bit to each myself up on where everybody is with the book in class.

I've been using Instagram again. Well I always had it but I never really posted on my real life account, I just kind of used it for browsing memes. But I started uploading recently and I have a few followers but eh, it doesn't really bother me if people like my photos or not. I've got sort of a theme going on right now, the first two rows so far have been photos that were taken at night, then the next two rows which I'm working on right now were taken during the day, then I'll go back and forth. Kind of considering if I should add a row between the nights and days of photos either at sunset or sunrise. I think that'd be kind of cool to do.

Peace, -Mars