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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-02-19 03:10:01 (UTC)

Mayhem Scraps

Sunday 19th February, 2017

I was digging through some old posts for nostalgic purposes from Mayhem, and I think I might just copy and paste somethings some people wrote on here. If I'm mentioned since they used my real name I'll switch it to Mars.

September 5th, 2016, -Muddy (as of posting this, last active January 15th, 2017)
"I really miss mayhem sometimes lol. I was watching my old youtube videos (they are so fucking embarrassing...) and it really brought back those days. I started playing in 6th grade, and Mayhem and its community really changed things for my middle school self. I was really shy and awkward in real life, and I struggled with making friends with classmates. Middle school was just a fucking mess lol. But Mayhem really helped me through those times, and it truly felt like I belonged there (as cheesy as it sounds.) I made so many friends and it didn't matter if I had one or two friends, because I had 20 on Mayhem.

I miss everyone I realize most of you probably rarely think of Mayhem, maybe have gone to college, or just generally have moved on... but to me Mayhem was a huge part of growing up and becoming the shithead you know today We all have so many memories together. Whether they are good, or bad, I miss you all. I don't play minecraft often, because its gotten boring to me without having people to talk to, but if anyone wants to play on a server together I'd be down ;)

It's hard to join new, smaller servers because I just don't have any connection with them. After nearly 5 years, it's hard to just join a new community. I feel so out of place in other communities.

Anyways sorry for this gay ass post. I appreciate all of you, whether we were friends or not <3 "
August 29th, 2016, -Beaky (as of posting, last active on September 5th, 2016)
"It's weird I often make these long posts every now and again but I think the last time I did was back in 2014 and I'm not as edgy or as cool as I thought I was back then lol. I've often thought back to the day I started at mayhem and this whole journey and time I took with everyone feels so surreal. I mean, I missed a few phases in the life of Mayhem and particularly this last one. I guess it was enough for me to see a post from BAI1 on my wall for my Birthday, a tagged photo of Bas or Mazz to start playing TF2 on steam.

Part of me is so thankful Mayhem died, in a way, I feel like I spent some much more time conversing with other people and not worrying about a server hosted on another continent. Other times I feel a lot sadder. We're approaching five years since Mayhem officially was created and maybe it's been dead for a while now. I opened up the videos I created for Mayhem which always give me a laugh and I remember the good times. Strange to think that the Mayhem we knew and loved the most was in a period of only five months, and the rest was the pieces of a community looking for the same way they felt.

I'll never forget the conversations that spanned tens of thousands of words on Skype in our own little community during 2013, that year was still one of the best of my life (Until December, but I was going through other things) and I see their empty profiles on Enjin and I wonder.

Did Ricochet ever ask that girl out to the formal? Did Mazz ever stop hating her school? Did TacoBoy ever stop playing GTAV? Answers to those questions lie somewhere, but not here.

At the time of writing this I have 170 friends on Enjin, right now it says three of them are online. It's a shame, maybe all of our communities died a little. I appreciated Clay's and Red's attempt at bringing the server back, but you can't bring someone back to life without there heart. The community.

One day, we're all going to go for one last run. Someone will find a way to create a minecraft classic server and an old lava survival pluggin. And we'll do it once last time. We'll build a terrible house and scream at each other to remove the furniture in order to get the extra three dollars. The operator will build a gigantic bedrock house which will destroy everyone else's house. Maybe afterwards we'll all say how we're going on skype in fifteen different conversations. Maybe a classic server or realms will exist and someone will try deleting 1, 000, 000 blocks and almost crashing the server. Or maybe we won't. Maybe in ten years time we'll have forgotten the times we were mad with the Moderators. Mad with someone breaking out of faction and stealing our gold.

I don't think I could. From the day I joined, there hasn't been a single character who hasn't taught me something about me or about life. Will Enjin slowly dying and everyone leaving to go there separate ways with loose ends being tied up, one question remains.

What is Daniel Silver doing right at this very moment and has he watched the server from afar at different points?

I suppose before I give up on mayhem for good, I want to know what happened to him of all people for creating this back in September of 2011 and would he realise that a post like this be created right now.

Good luck everyone. You all deserve it."