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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-02-17 00:30:39 (UTC)

World's Apart (Part 1/2)

Sunday 19th February, 2017

I suppose it's about time I write about somebody who was and is still very near and dear to me. If you've read any of my past entries you've likely seen her name pop up here and there. Her name is Jess.

I've known Jess and stayed friends with her longer then anybody else I know really, we were both 11 when we met each other and now we're both 16, she is a few months older then me I believe. So far for the past 40 so days we've managed to talk on a daily basis.

The reason as to why Jess was so important to me is well she was pretty much the first girl who I really really cared about. I don't mean caring in a best buddies way either, I wouldn't say I loved her because well I was young and love to me at least is a strong word if you're actually trying to use it properly. But let's just say that there were "strong" feelings that I felt.

These feelings weren't totally unjustified either in fact she also had the same feelings for me for a few months, perhaps not of the same caliber, perhaps of higher, I don't know.

Before I go any further I guess I should say that this was a very, very long distant relationship. One that obliviously had little to no chance of working out especially because of our age and maturity. She lived in the UK, and I in New Zealand. You can see how hard that was for us already because of the timezone. If you didn't know the time between the UK and New Zealand is the complete oppiste. For example, it's 3:52 PM right now. For her it's 2:52AM. Meaning sometimes unless one of us decided to stay up late we'd only see each other in the mornings or early at night time. I know what you're probably thinking, "God, an internet relationship. How cringy." And I agree I mean if they're countries apart then it can seem pretty cringe worthy but you must understand this relationship happened years of us already knowing each other and talking almost daily with us sharing experiences laughs moments that even now I can still somewhat remember. Well, I don't know. Maybe I was in over my head.

Another part of the cringe is well, we met on Minecraft. On Mayhem, I've already mentioned this in the past. But that's what happened. We were using a website called Enjin, and on this website you can have a whole profile picture, background etc. It's basically got the same platform as Facebook, but instead used for video games. Typically Minecraft. I remember one day what really kicked us off is when she put up a profile picture of a girl. She lied and said that it wasn't her and that it was her friend, and that her friend was curious as to what we all thought of it. I don't know if the older members brought it or not, probably not. But I didn't know it was really Jess. I think I said something along the lines (and although I meant it I was joking) "woah your friend is cute heheheheheheeheh" or something like that. Something childesh and 12viesh.

At some point down the road she told me that was actually her, and from there we kind of formed a bond of sorts. I'm going to end things off here and probably write the rest later at another point, but in case you guys are thinking "Ohhhh possible pedo pretending to be a girl." No. We've talked on the phone, sent videos and have each other on Snapchat.

Anyway I'll write the rest later, I wanna do another entry on something else.
Peace, -Mars