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The Life Of "Mars".
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2019-01-14 17:32:39 (UTC)


Tuesday January 15th

I saw Mark yesterday, I was pretty tired during our meeting but I guess we made some progress. He gave me some advice on looking for a job when the time comes, as well as directing me towards a place where they can potentially help find me a suitable course for stuff I'd want. I sent them an email this morning so I'm just waiting on a reply.

I finished Nier Automata the other day, and I genuinely don't think I've felt this sad for any video game characters in well, awhile.

2B died in front of 9S, which started to break his whole mind, as well as learning all the secrets about Yorha messed with him as well. I genuinely felt bad, and as weird as it might sound I actually felt worn out from it. The past few days I've slept for hours and hours. Waking up after a fourteen hour sleep just to go back to sleep a few hours later probably wasn't the healthiest thing in the world but I just felt exhausted.

I mean, and the whole thing with 2B having to kill 9S over and over again in the past didn't help either. And 9S's whole suicide mission when his type of android isn't supposed to really fight at all which ended up fucking up his body was really sad too.

I managed to get the "true ending" being ending E. Where basically, you're supposed to say fuck all the nihilist crap and that you want these two to survive. You've gotta do this whole ass shooter thingy with the music playing in the background and ahhh. It was crazy. The ending doesn't exactly show the two finding happiness or what the future will exactly hold for them, it just shows that they are alive and are now free to break out from the loop of death they've been stuck in.

I went ahead and got the platinum trophy for the game too, although I pretty much cheated. Initially I was going to go ahead and do all of the side missions, and I did end up doing a lot of the ones I had missed in my original playthrough, but playing it made me feel kind of sad in a way. Especially the music. So I ended up just buying all the trophy's because you can do that in this game, once you've completed it at least.

Today, I'm feeling a bit better about the whole thing but there is still that slight ache in my chest, despite knowing that in the true end of the game the pair are alive and together, I still can't help but feel sad.

I've got a pretty bad habit of getting attached to fictional characters.

I might try and play another single player game. I've still been reading and all, but I played For Honor yesterday and while I was doing good and I was playing with my friends I kind of felt bored. But I have been playing it almost daily for at least half an hour for a few months now, so that's to be expected.

I'm lucky enough that I have most of my online friends PSN accounts and they're fine with me downloading games off their accounts so I'll probably do that.