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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-02-15 08:29:40 (UTC)

The Citadel

Wednesday 15th February, 2017

I had a pretty weird dream last night, since it's now about 9:30PM most of the details have faded from my mind but I can still sort of remember what it was about.

Basically I was in some citadel standing on this stone stage with a few stairs leading to an altar. In front of the stage, to the sides of it and behind it were mass crowds of people who I can only assume were spectators sitting in seats similar to what you would see in the Colosseum. In the distance I could see houses and castle walls. Below the stage there were a few armed guards wearing old medieval armor matched with spears. On the stage with me were a few girls that were next to me but out of my peripheral vision. Except for one, I can't really remember what she looked like except she had very pale skin and short brown hair. In this girls hand was a knife.

I could kind of get from my surroundings that this was meant to be some sort of sacrifice, why I was being sacrificed and to who I haven't a clue. But it seemed some part of the ritual was sexual in nature because I remember their hands running their course along my body as their lips met mine, while the pale women with short brown hair started running her blade that ever so slightly cut me into my skin.

I just want to say being cut isn't exactly a turn on for me, I don't know if being cut and then potentially sacrificed is really a fetish for anybody. I just think it's kind of weird how that all happened.

What happened next was that somebody, I can't remember who, came onto the stage telling me to run. And so I did. I remember running and then meeting up with a group of kids outside of a fence gate. The only kid who I knew was my friend Tyler, but for whatever reason we didn't really seem to acknowledge each other. I was there and there was another kid, I don't remember if he had a name or not but he was a black kid with dreads. For whatever reason me and him didn't seem to get along in the dream, and even though it seemed we were all trying to escape from these guards we almost fought multiple times in the dream.

At some point when the guards arrived at night time we all started running and jumping across fences. I remember myself being kind of clumsy taking longer to hop objects then what it would normally take me in real life. Tyler was running beside me too and besides from the odd glance we didn't say anything to each other.

Soon out of no where we were sitting on top of this firetruck that had crate like seats on top of it as we were driving through a tunnel illuminated by lights, we began getting chased by what I guess were still the guards in a smaller truck. They got up alongside our one and started ramming us, but we got them off us by using a massive stick which made them spin out of control. I remember eventually we got out of the highway, and from there something weird happened to me in real life. I felt myself trying to wake up and say something, but I couldn't. I remember I opened my eyes a few times to see my curtains open with the light illuminating through a crack. This happened to me a few times, maybe 5 I believe all in a matter of what felt like a few minutes. Of me trying to wake up, but I couldn't move or saying anything as I then slid back into sleep. Just something kind of weird.

In other words, I haven't been to school on Monday, Tuesday or today. I was sick on Monday and Tuesday, today since it was a half day my mom said I could just stay at home. Pretty sure we've got class photos tomorrow.

Something I really want to do is find new friends. There isn't really a major problem with Ian and Tyler or anything, but I want to have a friend who I can go out late with and explore. Somebody who I can actually talk to about serious things y'know? About what they think about life, death, if they believe in the afterlife. Why they think things are the way they are. I want to be able to have conversations about the universe, about the past and the present. About the existence of aliens or perhaps even bizarre theories. Gossip doesn't really interest me that much, and even though I do like video games talking about them now just seems boring to me. Ah well, maybe I'll find some people like that.

Peace, -Mars