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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-02-12 06:49:05 (UTC)

Top Of The World

Sunday 12th February, 2017

Before I begin this long overdue story from a little while back I'd just like to write a quick update on things. For my shitty Youtube channel which I have for fun I've got almost 300 subscribers. To somebody who doesn't really share their stuff to me that's kind of cool that I'm now kind of getting an audience of sorts.

I'm getting a lot better at editing too, I'm learning new things with Sony Vegas almost every time I make a new project and I'm pretty sure I've surpassed a few of my friends with it.

There's been this girl called Jess, who was a friend that Hayley brought to my birthday party. I'm almost 100% sure she has a crush on me, since she always seems to want to talk to me and is even kind of flirtatious. She's cool and all, don't get me wrong. She just isn't my type of girl.

Speaking of Hayley. My thoughts about her have been weird, most days I'll think nothing of her if I'm lucky she won't even cross my mind. But, on some days, like just before I'll catch myself stuck in a thought process of pondering of what could of been, and what was. Then I get sad, I get this with drawled feeling where I just want to stay in my bed and I'll have this heavy sinking feeling in my chest. Kind of like when your stomach drops on a roller coaster, except it stays there for awhile and is far heavier and brings a feeling of sadness. I don't know why I feel like this today. Actually no, I think I've picked up on a pattern here. I usually seem to feel like this when I'm ignoring her text messages. I think a part of it is because maybe subconsciously I want to text her but not in the way that we text now but rather in the way that we once did.

But enough of that, let's go to the story. This happened on Monday night when I was staying at Tyler's house for the night. So, I was staying at Tyler's because on Wednesday was when we were supposed to go to school. I was watching Tyler play CoD for a little while because the spare Ps4 was being used by Tyler's little brother Alex and since I was the guest I said I'd just wait since I didn't wanna rip it off him. We had a couple of Coronas too. Oh yeah we also made fake Facebook accounts and just started messaging people to mess with them.

Later on after I had gotten the Ps4 and we had played a little CoD together Tyler brought Ark. Ark is basically a survival game, but we had to wait for it to download. While we waited for it to download I called up Ian and asked him if he wanted to come hang with me and Tyler. We didn't really have a plan on what we were going to do but after a little bit of wandering around the top part of Dodson Valley we, for whatever reason, decided to go walk up some hills. You might be thinking, "That's not too bad." Well, it was about 12AM, and the hills we were walking up didn't have any pathways. It was just bush and rock. We climbed up a smaller one but the top was completely covered in gorse to the point where continuation was pretty much impossible.

We found a different hill a little later on once we had gotten down, this one was much, much bigger and a lot steeper. Personally I didn't even want to go up it at first but Tyler remained adamant that we should, and even Ian was leaning towards the side of "Yeah let's do it." So I followed along. We all had these wooden sticks we had found earlier with Ian leading at the front with a flashlight from his phone, with Tyler in the middle without a flashlight, and me at the back with another flashlight from my phone. Getting up was diffucult at times because of the immense amount of gorse, the parts where there was almost no footing and the parts where we had tripped over. But we did manage to make it eventually to the very top. I mean the absolute top of the hill. It took us about an hour to get there. It was beautiful. From the very top you could see all the lights that scattered across Dodson Road and other parts of Atawhai, and you could also see town and the port along with glimmering lights from the highway. We didn't stay at the top for too long and soon we made our descent. Getting down was actually not that hard and maybe took us around 10-15 minutes to do. The only bad part was since the hill was steep we ended up accidentally sliding down some parts. But it was all very nice.

Once we got to the bottom Ian went home and me and Tyler went back to his place where luckily Ark had now finished downloading. We continued playing that well into the morning and ended up going to bed around 6AM. We however were then sadly woken up at about 11AM by his little brother and sister running around.

I decided to go home a bit later around 1PM since I wanted to enjoy my last day off in bed.

Peace, -Mars