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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-02-10 22:11:41 (UTC)

School, Center Of New Zealand

Saturday 11th February, 2017

I guess I should now say that actively trying to update this diary now that I have school is going to bed hard, especially because I've got pretty limited time to do things now with homework and school. On the bright side I've managed to keep a good sleeping routine so far where I go to bed between 7-9PM and usually wake up between 3-6AM. I'll quickly try and give a quick summary of what has happened so far at school.

I got moved out of Business and got put into Media Studies. I think I'm going to enjoy Media Studies because Tyler and Cam are both in there, plus the teacher is really nice. I changed my Computer class for Classics since Classics has always been my favorite class.

My mom said I should try a different English class to the one I was in at first because she thought it'd be better. It wasn't. Firstly the teacher was a massive bitch. In my experience whenever I changed a class the teacher would always say something like, "Oh I see just go take a seat right there and I'll come get you up to speed in a minute." Nope. Not this one. When I first walked in she said in a really aggressive tone, "Who are you? What are you doing here?" When I said that I got moved to this class she said, "What?! Who? Who said you got moved into my class?" I handed her my timetimble to show that I was in fact in her class now. Afterwards she pointed me to go sit in a seat. I actually felt kind of sick when I sat down and realized what class I was really in. I looked around and realized, yep, this was the fuckin' dumb class. I guess that's kind of mean but when you realize that there were still posters on the wall saying "ABCDEFG..." and other ones reminding people to use capital letters, seeing kids who had failed Year 13 and 11 redoing the year in this class, well I felt pretty shitty about being in that class. Especially when you realize that I had the highest amount of score points in my last years English class (our teacher gave us points based on what level our class work and assignments were, etc achieved, merit or excellence) and the class was one below extension. As soon as the teacher was done with her lecture I said to her, "Yeah sorry miss but I'm going to go change my class back now thanks." grabbed my bag and walked out the door.

We're working on an assignment already for History, but I guess it can't be helped since History in Year 12 is kinda considered to be a high level subject. I think. We've got one in English too but that's a lot easier, it's basically read about two books a term and right a response on them for the entire year. That's not at all bad seeing as I did want to get into reading this year.

My progress on trying to be friends with Jaime again has gotten no where and I've kind of stopped trying since he just gives me the silent treatment. Whatever, I guess.

The school is still absouletly full with Year 9s. So much so that not only were all the chairs taken in assembly, but the entire stage too. Meaning that myself and about 10 other kids had to sit on the floor. Yikes.

Alright now onto yesterday after school. So yesterday me Hayley and Laura had plans to hang out after school, we were all gonna wear our normal clothes too. Meaning I would have to get changed at school. Since I remembered Hayley has like an obsession with pandas I decided to wear a panda shirt I had just gotten for well a joke. The panda shirt was actually just a bunch of mini pandas splattered all over the shirt. I also had black joggers, black shoes, sunglasses and a black hat.

Keep in mind I attend an all boys highschool where everybody has to wear a uniform, so for a boy to then walk out of the changing rooms after school in a panda shirt probably did raise a few eyebrows. And I'm sure I caught a few peoples eyes looking a me for a few extra seconds longer then what they should of been. Nether the less I didn't really care.

We agreed that McDonalds would be where we met up, since I guess it's the closest place to both of our schools. I got there and met up with them. We didn't really stay in town all that long we more moved to I guess you could call an area? I don't know. The place is called Washington Road and there was a park there and a lot of houses. Actually fun fact, for most of my life I lived in Washington Road. I digress, we walked to the park there together while telling jokes and stories.

The park itself was basically just us playing on this one swing, being pushed around on it and us recording each other doing dumb, fun, kid shit. The time actually flew by and soon it was almost 5PM, and Hayley had to catch the bus home at 5PM. Me and Laura walked her back to the bus, and while we were walking there Hayley randomly brought up that she had been talking with Shane on the phone the other night about me. Curiously I asked, "Oh, uh what were you guys saying?" Strangely she said, "Oh he said that I fucked up because you were the only guy he'd ever give his blessing to for me to data haha." I felt a little awkward with that because then the memory of having 13 hour long conversations kind of came flooding back to me. So I just simply replied with a "Oh." A few moments of silence flew past before she carried on, "A relationship between us wouldn't work out anymore anyway, since I'm going to be on the other side of the country soon." I just said, "Yeah, you're right." That was, weird..

About a minute passed of us not talking at all before we started up again, and by then we had reached the bus deport and were almost at her bus. After she got on her bus I wasn't completely sure if I should tell Laura I was going home now or if I should stay and hang out with her. It didn't really matter to me that much. But I don't think she wanted to go home quite yet so I said, "Alright lets go walk for a bit." and so we did.

We kept talking the entire time without there really being a moment of silence. We walked down this path near this river and came across this public gym equipment thing which I had no idea was even there. What I'm most interested in is the pullup bar since I kind of want one for myself. At some point when Laura pointed out that the Center Of New Zealand was right next to us I said, "Hey you wanna go up it?" and she excitedly said "Oh my god yes."

So we began walking up to the top, I just want to say that the Center Of New Zealand here in Nelson isn't actually the Center Of New Zealand, I don't know why it's called that if it isn't but it is. The walk only takes about 15 minutes but it is a pretty steep hill. We got to the top, took a few photos and videos, while Laura showed me about the 50 photos that Hayley took of us with Laura's phone. There were a few people at the top of the hill with us but we kinda just did our own thing and they did theirs. On the way back into town we stopped at Queens Garden because there was a drinking fountain there. I stopped off at Burger King because that's where I usually text my mom to pick me up, and Laura then walked home.

Interesting day I guess.

Peace, -Mars