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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-02-07 03:51:29 (UTC)

Okay, now we're back

Tuesday 7th February, 2017

So I actually went to school this time. I didn't on Friday because I got no sleep, and there was a public holiday on Monday, so this was my first real day back at school. From what I saw in class I didn't really even miss out on anything. It was just as I thought it would be mostly, which is just revising the rules and what is expected of us.

I had to go speak to the new Year 12 dean about getting two new classes, I chose Art Photography because I like taking photos as a hobby anyway and we learn how to use photoshop. I also chose business. I'm pretty good at business for the most part except I find it extremely boring. I just realized earlier that I didn't have classics as a class for some reason so I'm going to try and see if I can get my business class changed to classics.

I had Art Photography first and luckily Ian was in that class so at least I knew somebody there who was my friend. We got in a group with another kid called Oscar who Ian is friendly with. Oscar is kinda weird, he randomly brought up the question if we had seen the website BestGore. For those of you who don't know, BestGore is basically a website where you can see execution photos, people being shot, crushed and all that lovely stuff. I've never personally been on the website myself but I have seen a lot of the videos through people who send me videos on Kik. I partly see them because the thumbnail looks like it's something totally different, and also partly out of curiosity. So I said I had seen some videos from there and all of a sudden he starts tryna make conversation and bond I guess over gore videos. Asking me if, "Oh yo have you seen the one where the girl gets her head crushed by a tank?" I said no and he said, "Oh man I've gotta show you sometime bro." Yeeeaaahhh. He also was talking about how he knew how to make bombs. Good ole white person school shooter sterotype right there.

The second class I had was Food. Ian's there as well but otherwise we don't have anyone else in our group there with us. Unfortunately there's a kid I fuckin despise who sits at our table called Ashley. Ashley isn't a mean kid or anything, he's just cringy. He's 16 now, still tries to make fart jokes, reeks of B.O, has the greasiest hair I think I've ever seen and always has his mouth hanging open for some reason. Great, we're probably gonna have to cook with that kid.

Next up I had History. I don't really have any friends in History. There are kids who I get along with enough that I can make small talk without it being awkward or whatever but I wouldn't really call them friends. Just associates. Their names are Ruben and Rod. I'm pretty okay with History except for the fact that we have already been given an assignment that's due on like the 10th of March I think. We basically had to choose among some events that was retaliative to New Zealand history. I choose New Zealands involvement in the Vietnam War, which was kinda crazy to me because I had no idea we even had an involvement in that.

Then I had English. For some reason that class is completely fulled up with about 31 kids. The English teacher seems nice but I've literally never seen her before. We didn't really do anything in English except for listen to the teacher read a fictional story about a corrupt police officer then we had to answer questions about the meaning of the writing, what certain things represented and meant. The only question I answered (I knew the others but I'm shy) was when she asked if any of us knew what a fence was. Not like the fence you use to build by the way. Either someone else was shy like me and didn't say anything but since nobody was saying it and I knew 100% what they meant by fence I said it. Basically a fence is someone who will buy a stolen / illegal item and sell it.

Lunch time. Ooohh boy, fucking lunch. So it turns out that Jaime never did change schools and go to Motueka High. He's still in our group too. I tried saying hi to him and he ignored me, so I said "Dude cmon we used to be like best friends what is your problem with me now?" He didn't say anything in fact he basically ignored me the entire time. For some reason him and Tyler started giving me shit too about me wearing a bandanna or me being short. I don't know where the hell that came from. I could easily throw hella shade at Jaime, and I threw a little bit at Tyler as well, "Boy shut up with yo big megamind head. Boy you looking like a mushroom and shit with your long skinny lanky body with that big ass head I don't wanna hear it." That's just in fun, if I really wanted to throw legitmate shade I could say something like, "Mate didn't you steal from your moms credit card though?" But I'm not tryna have a bunch of drama on my first day back. Later at the end of lunch when I was talking with Tyler to our classes I asked him, "Okay so why does Jaime hate me?" and he gave me this weird answer of, "Can't say man, that's a secret." What the fuck?

Business was boring we didn't really do anything and I don't really known anybody in there except for a kid called Jacob who I used to be friends with back in primary school. We kinda just did this weird draw an island thing to get us thinking. Most people did kinda random weird shit but I drew wind turbines, hydro fueled energy, farms with crops and animals, and a port with boats for trading with neighboring islands. We then had to come up with business ideas using three random things on pieces of paper we were given. Our group got the worst one. Make a product that has to do with clothing, recycling and vehicles. Yeaaahhh. I'm going to try and get moved out of that class into Classics.

On the bus home it was weird, for some reason there are so many Year 9s this year our school was so full. The bus was so full to the point where the first time in ever a lot of people had to stand up. Also while we were at a red light there was a bus next to us with some other kids. For some reason some girl who I've never seen before looks out the window at me and then smiles and waves with her fingers. I smiled and waved back and then as soon as I did their bus started moving forward. I dunno, I just thought that was a weird little interaction.

I've got homework that I gotta do tonight, it's pretty easy and should only take me perhaps half an hour if I'm quick but I'm so tired now because I've been awake since 2AM. I might just go to sleep now and do it in the morning. Or not, gotta try and be responsible y'know? Just saying I'm probably not gonna document each school day because that would just seem kind of boring, but maybe if the day is somewhat interesting I might.

To top it all off I found myself today kind of looking around at kids faces and thinking, "I wonder how interesting their life has been. If their parents are nice or abusive. If they've done drugs, gotten drunk or had sex. If their parents suffer from mental problems. If they've had any weird crazy things happen to em. If any of them are trying to get over a girl right now. If they're looking forward to something at home or not." I don't know why, it just kind of interests me to know that every face you see isn't just some person without emotions or a story to em, y'nkow?

Peace, -Mars