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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-02-03 09:30:50 (UTC)

Back Again

Friday 3rd February, 2017

I didn't really have time to write down this one either because it's also pretty long, but the day after my birthday Callum went to go stay with Ian again for the night, Tyler was also in Atawhai since it was his moms turn to have him for the week. We were all planning on heading down to Clifton Terris again for some late night fun. I thought about it realizing that by Monday Shane would be in Christchurch so I thought I should invite him to come with us since these were his last few days in Nelson.

I was on the phone with Tyler around 5PM while Callum and Ian were doing god knows what since they were picking up the phone, but I was talking with Tyler and I suggested that me and him should go down to the park and I introduce him to Shane so they at least can get to know each other a little bit before we go out at night together. So I meet Tyler down at the park and maybe five minutes later Shane arrives. Conversation between them was almost dead at first, which is understandable I guess I mean I feel weird around my friend's other friends too when I first meet them. Soon Ian and Callum arrived at the park and since Callum, alongside Ian, was trying out for cadets Callum and Shane just so happened to be acquainted too. It was then the conversation actually started flowing naturally and good between everybody, especially when Tyler then brought out some Coronas he somehow managed to keep hidden in his pocket. We decided that since it was starting to dim down a little we should start heading for the school.

On the way there Ian and Callum stopped off at Ian's house where Ian then grabbed some beer, me Tyler and Shane proceeded walking ahead of them as we told them we'd wait for them further down the road. We stopped off at my house where I quickly went inside and grabbed my black hoodie and went back outside, where luckily Shane and Tyler were still making conversation. We stood outside my next door neighbors house for a few minutes while we waited for Callum and Ian to catch up to us.

Once we were all together we proceeded to start walking down our road in Atawhai (which I guess should mention is called Dodson Road). So we're walking down Dodson Road talking, when somehow the topic of me drinking comes up. Specifically the night where me and Ian were at the park pissed drunk. Like I said I can't really remember too much after awhile but apparently Ian could. He said that I'm a really "light weighted embarrassing drunk." Lightweight, sure? But embarrassing I didn't see how. He wouldn't let on at first about what he meant about that but I was kind of eager to know what it was, even if it was best that I shouldn't of known. Which is hindsight, it probably would of been best. Because finally he said that I was drunk and slurring my words, talking about Hayley and that I missed her. Awkward. Awkward simply because Shane is Hayley's overprotective brother. I'm not sure if he heard or if he was just pretending that he didn't hear it but it was awkward, then I gave Ian a little elbow to the side and glanced at Shane to say, "Hey cunt, you're making shit weird."

Fast forward about ten minutes and we began the actual start of the walk to Clifton Terris which goes along the highway. We spotted some cones and thought it'd be funny to parade them around, we all picked up a cone each except for Tyler. I don't know why I think he was secretly afraid we'd get told off or whatever the fuck for hoarding cones but he came around eventually. We stacked our cones up together and barricaded on a footpath that was up ahead because hey, why not? The rest of the walk took around maybe 15-20 minutes and just consisted of more cone stealing, Ian pouring his beer into one of the cones and then drinking from the cone, stealing some sandbag off the road that was there to hold a roadsign in place, and that was about it.

Right, the school. We get to the school and by this time it's darkesh. Not like pitch black but the kind of dark where the sky is a light blue but there's no sun whatsoever. We spotted some kids playing in the basketball court, and while I didn't see who they were exactly apparently they were some kids from our year group.

Firstly I wanted to take Tyler and Shane to the tarp that me Callum and Ian had previously been on the last time we were there. This was also when Tyler started handing out the Coronas he brought, except Tyler didn't bring a whole lot so just me Shane and Tyler had the Coronas while Ian and Callum had the beers Ian brought. I digress. So we got to the tarp and instantly Tyler is kind of skeptical saying, "Bro you sure that's gonna hold us?" I reassured him saying "Yeah man we were on it last time no problem it can hold two more people." I could tell he was still uneasy about it but he went along anyway. Ian was the first one on it followed by me and then Tyler. We got up on the tarp by the way by climbing on top of a slide and then kind of jumping onto the tarp from there. Callum was about half way on and while we're all laughing and cheering Callum on to "Just fucking get on pussy" we all go silent as we hear a slight tearing and ripping noise. I turn behind myself to see that the part of the tarp I was sitting on was fucking ripping. Shane still hadn't gotten on. We all then frantically said, "Get off get off get off!" because we weren't really tryna damage a tarp or fall off one. We all managed to get off safely but there is now a hole in the tarp, thanks to us.

We didn't learn our lesson, oh no, instead we continued further up ahead where there was a second tarp. Except this one didn't have any weird angles and it was just completely flat, as well it was lower towards the ground as it was covering a sandpit. After watching Ian and Shane sword fight with these random pole things we found next to the sandpit I decided to climb up on top of the tarp. It was a lot harder to get on this tarp because you basically had to climb a wooden pole. Me and Ian were the only ones up there. However this sandpit was right next to a fence, and what was on the otherside of this fence you may ask? A house. A house that had lights on inside meaning that they weren't yet asleep.

Eventually some old dude comes outside and stands on his porch where he was saying something, in all honesty I couldn't quite hear what he was saying to us but I did make out some jumbled parts of his ravings. Such as asking us about what we were doing up there and what not. I remember I said something like, "Go back inside bro." A few more moments passed of his ramblings until Ian said to me, "Get down he says he's going to call the cops." We weren't trespassing or anything but I still wasn't really fond of the idea of a couple cops showing up to question us about why some old guy was angry at us.

Me and Ian hop down from the tarp and go to stand with the rest of our group when suddenly the old guy is behind us in the school. He was still yelling something at us but I still couldn't really make out what he was saying. We continued walking forward when he yelled out. "Hey you!" confused I turned around on the off chance he was talking to me, so I turn and say "What?" not in a menacing way just in a confused way. He then said something like, "Come say that to my face." So to me it almost seemed like some 50 something year old man was trying square up with a bunch of 16 year olds. Good move. As he says that he takes a step forward, so while everybody stays back I take a step forward and he repeats himself once more, "Say that to my face." Still confused about what the fuck he was talking about I say, "What are you even talking about?" He ignores my question and glances at the bottle of Corona and says, "You're far too young to be drinking." as he says that I take a swig from the bottle just to spite him. He said some more things that I can't remember and I remember I told him to go fuck himself. We were in a stand off it seemed like, he seemed like he was almost puffing his chest and my Adrenalin was starting to kick in wondering if I was about to gave to punch some old dude in the mouth.

Before I was about to utter another word Shane stept in and handed me his bag that he had his speakers and other things in, and told me he'd handle it, while signaling the rest of us to go wait in a spot near some of the other classes. Everybody went there and I did too except I then ducked around the corner of the nearest wall to easedrop on what they were saying. It was mostly Shane trying to calm him down and get him to stop from calling the police, and luckily it worked because after a few minutes he walked back over to us. The condition was that we just didn't go near his house, and we were fine with that.

We proceeded to walk to a different part of the school where there was a big playground on the school's lawn. We sat there drinking some more and blasting some music on Shane's speakers while we joked about what just happened. I remember I said, "Awh shouldn't hold it against him, old guy was probably just tryna fuck his wife in peace." We sat there for quite awhile talking until we decided to go to a tunnel that me Ian and Callum went to last time.

So we were there in the tunnel, blasting music again and talking. There wasn't too much that I can talk about, but we then at some point decided to go to the playground again and sit in this weird wooden tube thing on the playground. What's the most epic and childish thing you can think of doing when you're out with the boys? Prank calls. Yep, old but gold I tell ya. Shane went to go dial some hooker company or whatever the fuck you call em. The rest of us knew to be quiet, and since Shane was the best at acting serious he did the call. "Yes hello I'd like to know how much it is to hire one of your girls." ,"Oh I wanna know how much you guys are willing to pay me to be one of your male escorts." The women on the phone was a fairly good sport about us fucking with her, next up we went to call Dylan. Since Dylan and Shane don't know each other we thought again, it'd be best to let Shane do the talking. So Shane calls him up and says something like, "Oi this is Matthew I heard you been talking shit cunt." "What, who is this?" "Cunt you know who it is don't act dumb why you talking shit." *goes silent* and then he hung up on us and didn't pick up again.

We went back to the tunnel where there was a hill above it and we walked up the hill without using the lights from our phones or anything else, while we played the X Files themesong for the fuck of it. Then, we slid down the hill. In darkness.

We then continued to wander around the school for a little bit until we came across their swimming pool. The swimming pool was fenced off of course by a high metal bar. But there was a way over, oh yes sir there was. There was the changing rooms right next to the swimming pool, so from there we could half climb up a part of the fence and then grab onto the roof of the changing rooms. We all got up there except for Callum, he didn't wanna do it for whatever reason. It was fuckin cool as being up there because we got a pretty good glimpse of the highway with all the street lights illuminating the road as a car passed by every so often. For a highway it's a pretty quiet one.

We got down after maybe another hour or so, and then we found some of the school hoses and tied those up and let them lose. It was kinda funny for whatever reason, although every cold.

We started heading home after about 12PM and on the way back we found the old sandbag we had and decided to name it Alex, where we then placed it on the road and a truck ran it over. We then picked up the sandbag and were screaming, "Aleeexxx noooooo!". We thought as a fun game we'd duck into cover into some of the bushes whenever a car came by. It was a pretty good night overall.

Peace, -Mars